Opinion: FDC vindicates the NRM grip on power again

By Peter Labeja

I am too mad at the Forum for Democratic Change Party for continuously vindicating the National Resistance Movement Party’s long stay in power.

What will the generation of Bobi Wine tell their grand children about the Forum for Democratic Change Party? First, that everything fellow journalist Andrew Mwenda said about them was correct.

Second, the Forum for Democratic Change Party failed Ugandans on all fronts which they set out to do.

Third, that the Forum for Democratic Change Party deleted itself from the political history books of our great nation Uganda.

Fourth, that the Forum for Democratic Change Party did not know anything to do with Peaceful Democratic Change and therefore stood for the most undemocratic and rudimentary methods of political transition. And the list could go on and on.

And I urge us all to officially delete the Forum for Democratic Change from our great memory cards as well. How can the Forum for Democratic Change party keep letting Ugandans down with impunity like this? And what is so special with this party that it fears participating in National Dialogue like this? FDC, I am so disappointed with you.

Imagine vividly recalling how founding father of the Forum for Democratic Change Party – retired Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye vehemently attacked President Yoweri Museveni of superintending over elections in Uganda in which the President is both the striker and the chief referee.

Relate what you have just imagined with the Forum for DemocraticParty (FDC) which set conditions for the IPOD dialogue and backtracks on itsown promises for peaceful transition of power.

FDC has clearly abused opportunities for peaceful transition of power in this country. It is now evident that FDC is hiding something which I guess might be a plan to spill the blood of innocent Ugandans.

How do you say the parliamentary space for dialogue is too constrained for meaningful political dialogue and snub the Inter Party Organization for Dialogue (IPOD) Summit? Sometimes, making peace begins with these baby steps.

When the father of South Africa Nelson Mandela chose to negotiate with his Apartheid tormentors, he knew better what fighting for the nation meant. How can FDC tell us to never give up the fight for the nation when it has in itself given up long time before the fight began? Shame on you FDC!

Why should we even listen to you for just half a minute when you have clearly galvanized the long term stay of the National Resistance Movement Party by unleashing all your deadly arsenals against the very humble beginning you negotiated towards the bigger National Dialogue?

I hate the FDC with passion and fury now. A party which advocates for peaceful change of power should in deed seizes whatever opportunity to put its case forward: Peaceful Transition. Those who raised petty arguments are much better than those who shunned it. What message did you communicate by snubbing it?

FDC has failed us in parliament and at the IPOD Summit. Enough of it! For me and my household, we have been deceived enough!

Moving forward, I will not waste my data and precious time Googling why the FDC snubbed the IPOD Summit. Never! And when I see its officials on my TV screen, be sure I will switch it off. How dare you refer to me as enemy of the people when indeed you are the true enemy of the nation?

Why should FDC make us believe that if it is not done their way, then it is not done the right way? I bleed for our beloved nation because FDC has demonstrated that Forgiveness and National reconciliation is impossible.

You asked for a neutral ground for the Dialogue and it was granted and you snubbed it? Unbelievable! The numerous opportunities the FDC has squandered along the way could have delivered the bleeding nation from the evils you claim to have bedeviled our nation.

The writer, Peter Labeja is a political commentator with interest in Peace, Democracy and Agriculture.

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