Crime: From Jan. to Dec. 2018, 12 guns recovered from thugs in Aswa region

Uganda government has started fingerprinting all guns to control it.

Police in Kitgum district [Aswa region] has recovered a PK gun, one of the guns stolen from Agoro police post in Lamwo district on September 17, this year.

According to the Police spokesman for Aswa region, ASP Jimmy Patrick Okema, the recovery follows monitoring of the whereabouts of one William Komakech alias Okimbo after the November 9 incident where two guns earlier stolen from Agoro were retrieved at his home in Westland ward in Central division, Kitgum Municipality.

“We recovered the deadly gun PK UG POL256399 with 294 rounds of ammunition from Bobi ‘B’ village in Ipakara parish in Kitgum Matidi sub-county in Kitgum district following arrest of Komakech on November 29th,” Okema said.

On arrest, Komakech led a team of police officers to one Samuel Baker, a resident of Bobi ‘B’ village in Ipakara parish in Kitgum Matidi sub-county where the gun was hidden.

The police spokesman for the region said, “Samuel Baker attempted to hang himself on realizing his possible arrest but was subsequently rescued before he died, given first aid and he had to lead the officers to the bush where the gun was buried.”

The police tracking device had been following Komakech movement up to Lira, Pader, Gulu, around Aswa Bridge and finally in Padibe were he was finally intercepted.

Apart from the gun, police also recovered other items including; five magazines of SMG with 146 round of ammunitions, one blue porch, and two magazines of PK containing chains of ammunitions.

On 10, November, 2018, police recovered AK47 UG POL 563619899-10849 and AK47 UG POL 051487-07506 with three magazines loaded with 87 rounds of ammunitions. Other items recovered then include; 2 teargas canisters, four expensive cameras, six radios, mattresses, and amplifiers.

Okema added: “Komakech and Samuel Baker are in police custody at Kitgum central police station pending going to court on charges of stealing guns, aggravated robbery, illegal possession of fire arms and attempted suicide particularly on Samuel Baker.”

So far, police have arrested and is investigating ten suspects in relation to the gun theft at Agoro police post. The suspect includes: Corporal Mundura Yerusa, the officer in charge of the station, Ojok Erikson a former crime preventer, Aguminaitwe Evelyn, a police constable, Muya Zekeriah, a constable and his wife Janet Arut.

Other suspects are; Apiyo Angel Harriet, Samuel Ochola, Ikweranono, Komakech and Samuel Baker whom police suspect to be a team of gangs operating in the district of Gulu, Lira, Kitgum, Lamwo and Pader with sole aim to get access to materials and money.

In a related development, police in Gulu too on November 28 recovered SMG Rifle UPDA 56/5400683 with 30 rounds of ammunitions from Laliya village in Bardege Gulu municipality.

The recovery came when a suspected robber attempted to rob Laliya trading center at 10pm, but after the community responded and pursued, he dropped the gun and managed to flee arrest from locals.

Okema noted that the region might still have many guns illegally being possessed by the community basing on the back ground of Lord Resistance Army insurgency and the porous borders between Uganda and South Sudan undergoing war.

Since the year began, Police in Aswa region have recovered a total of 12 guns from the community. Four guns recovered from Gulu and eight from Kitgum district

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