Having sex in car not a crime – says Police

Caught in the game - the two sexpests looking at those who spoiled their game.

Police Force has come out to say it is not a crime to have sex in a car.

The Force said it could be considered criminal if one has sex with juvenile person; or if the car is parked in a religious institution when the performance takes place.

This has been revealed by one of the Nigerian Police Force’s chiefs on Monday. It further reveals that car sex is unlawful if both persons are of the same sex.

In this, Nigerians are asked to report to Police immediately if harassed by those having sex in a car.

Abayomi Shogunle – the Nigerian head of Police Public Complaints Rapid Response Unit said all these while responding to a Twitter question.

Last week, a couple was harassed by a mob for having sex in a car and they were almost lynched for making too much noise.

But Shogunle has come to defend the car sex players saying: “No. Sex in a car in a public place is not a crime in Nigeria, provided the location is not a place of worship; both persons are 18 years and above; the act is consensual (agreed to by parties); parties are of opposite sex.

“If threatened with an arrest over above, please report to the Police,” he added.

In Uganda’s Capital Kampala, a married woman was nabbed being bonked inside a parked car on Monday.

In the pictures, now viral on social media, the woman was seen covering her face from being snapped.

Some Ugandan wondered whether what they were found doing is criminal.

She covers her face from being snapped. Internet photos.

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