Kwania elections: Why NRM will lose badly to UPC aspirants

Sam Engola [M] with Premier Dr Rhuakana Rugunda during NRM's top meeting in 2018. File photo.

Dark clouds are hovering over the National Resistance Movement [NRM] party in Kwania district as elections draw nearer.

Kwania is the newest district in the South West of Lango sub-region curved out of Apac after Oyam and Kole districts.

TND News Uganda understands that the electoral commission could hold elections for Local Council 5 chairperson and Woman Member of Parliament on 22nd December 2018.

Awaiting that date, the internal processes of electing out party flag bearers have been done with Uganda Peoples’ Congress [UPC] party producing Geoffrey Ogwal Adyebo for LC5 chairman and Kenny Auma Lapat for district Woman MP candidates respectively.

Although there were reports of antagonism and political bickering within the UPC during the primary elections, it was well managed and the dust seems to have settled and the losers are backing the official candidates.

This unity is not however the case with the National Resistance Movement party whose primary election ended last week amidst tension and accusations of vote rigging.

To bring you to speed, Nelson Abili was elected the NRM flag bearer for LC5 seat with 12, 357 votes, SP Jimmy Anthony Oyuku, a retired police officer came close with 8,940 votes and Benjamin Emor came at the tail with a paltry of only 1833 ‘favors’.

For the district Woman MP flag-bearer, the party’s electoral commission chairman AIP Moses Odongo declared Judith Achola as the winner with 14652 votes, Anna Angom Lumba came in second position with 5122 votes and lastly, Molly Akite polled 3306 votes.

Sam Engola accused!

Sam Engola, the NRM Vice chairperson for Greater Northern Uganda is again facing accusations of meddling with the elections and favoring other candidates.

The losers of the elections, namely; Angom Anna and SP Oyuku in the aftermath of the election ranted on local FM stations that Engola was part of the syndicate that “doctored” results to deliver victories for Saddam Abili and Judith Achola.

“This was not an election atall, there was day light robbery of votes, Engola is responsible for all these messes,” Anna Angom lamented.

SP Oyuku did not spare Engola either: “This was a shambolic election; some candidates had the favor of the National Vice Chairman – Sam Engola.”

Sam Engola has however distanced himself from the accusations in his response to this contemporary news website.

Engola who denies any wrong doing said the elections was “free and fair”, adding, “besides, I only played the role of an overseer and i ask those who lost to back the flag bearers for the greater good of the party.”

SP Oyuku and Angom defy Engola.

“We are disgruntled with the results of this election, and we will announce our next move in a few days,” these were words from the two losers immediately the results were released.

Indeed duo walked the their talks, SP Anthony Oyuku and Anna Angom have since announced their intentions to run as independent for position of LCV chairman and woman Mp respectively.

Analysis: Why NRM will badly lose to UPC and Independents.

Nearly all the political pundits who have talked to this contemporary news website have predicted doom for NRM in Kwania for obvious reasons that TND News Uganda will aver here.

For starters, Kwania which is literally still Apac district is home to the late President, founding father of UPC, Dr. Apolo Milton Obote (R.I.P) and therefore not only a stronghold but also predominantly UPC. This means if the NRM is to break through, then, it should have produced palatable aspirants to the opposition with a sellable message.

Another immediate hurdle for NRM which could give them a bloody nose and a serious run for their monies is the stunned decision taken by SP Oyuku and Anna Angom to run as independent –NRM leaning candidates in the upcoming elections.

“If both could manage to raise more than 5000 votes within the NRM alone, then it means they have a following which they will take away,” a political analyst told us.

This coupled with the support of some clear headed supporters of other parties, could work against NRM flag bearers.

A TND News Uganda survey also corroborated the opinions of analyst who believes that UPC has candidates who can easily win the favors of the local populace in Kwania in the personality of Kenny Auma Lapat.

Auma’s husband Mr. Lapat is the branch manager at Reproductive Health Uganda Lira branch and has been helpful to many people and some voters would want to return favors by gifting his wife with votes.

Ogwal Adyebo is equally a thorn in the foot of NRM; his popularity cannot be underestimated as he is not new in the political podium of Kwania. It can be recalled that he once eyed Kwania MP Seat in the past elections.

His linkage with the family of the late George Cosmas Adyebo, one time a Prime Minister is another political bonus.

Two independent candidates, Andrew Erac, a former Guild President of Lira University and Emmanuel Ogwal Agweno, another seasoned politician could also be a night mare for the NRM.

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