UPC eulogizes departed comrade, Dick Nyai, L. Victoria and Busiika tragedies

UPC National Chairman Mr. Okae Lawrence addressing members of the prees at party headquarters in Kampala on Wednesday. Photo by Milton Akwam.

Kampala – Uganda’s oldest political party – Uganda People’s Congress [UPC] has described their fallen congressman, Hon. Dick Cema Semei Nyai as a ‘pillar’ during the struggle to restore multi party politics in Uganda.

Mr. Nyai – who was the Constituent Assembly member from 1994 – 1995, and a Member of Parliament from 1996 to 2001, was laid to rest last week on Sunday, 25, November, 2018 in Arua district.

“We bid farewell to our senior party member, Hon. Dick Nyai in Arua district. He was a pillar during the struggle to restore multiparty politics in Uganda,” UPC’s National Chairman, Okae Lawrence says during party’s weekly press briefing on Wednesday.

In the case of UPC party, “this struggle was way back in 1985 after Okello and Okello military coup as well as that of 1986 soon after NRM/A captured power. He [Nyai] was a member of the Constituent Assembly.”

Mr. Okae says the then political outlook required some determined personalities to stand up, talk and guide, adding that it was a period  that had tempted many to suspend freedoms of association and speech, calling it  a period of ‘hostilities’.

“It was the time when political parties were locked up at their headquarters [respective national headquarters]. The likes of Hon. Dick Nyai put up a solid, principled and brave fight whose benefits we are enjoying today,” the party national chairman added.

In the same presser, UPC noted with concern that there are ‘some of them’ masquerading and attending functions and parties without prior authorization from top party leaders at Uganda House, Floor 6.

“On the other hand, the party leadership notes with concern that there are some unauthorized members who are impersonating, talking and/or representing the party at public events without prior notes/accreditation from party headquarters, Uganda House, floor 6. UPC and its leadership distance its self from their statement and calls upon the public to treat them as masqueraders.”

It’s worth remembering that till now, UPC party is under two presidents. Majority of the congressmen and women are led by Lira Municipality MP, James Micheal Akena Obote who, according to the party, was elected as legitimate president.

Also, there are those loyal to Joseph Mbosa, a congressman Ambassador John Olara Otunu handed over office.

On L. Victoria and Busiika tragedies

“Uganda is currently registering a series of tragedies that follow each other closely. Recently, it was the fire outbreak at a boarding school in Rakai whose death toll was staggering. Some are permanently maimed and nursing terrible wounds. As the nation recovers from that boarding tragedy, our boat capsizes on Lake Victoria, over 30 bodies have been recovered, about 30 survived out of a possible many, while others are still missing,” the party reflects.

With mourning still going on, UPC says some lessons ought to be drawn while bearing in mind that prevention is better than cure and safety must not be compromised.

“Passengers on either land or water transport ought to strongly consider safety precautions such as use of approved life jackets, seat belts among others and they should be educated on how to use them in case of danger,”  the party further warns.

The opposition party – UPC demands that swimming skills should be mandatory and accorded to those who frequently use water bodies as alternative route for transport.

“With references to our press statements of 30th may 2018 and 19th July 2017, UPC is on record calling upon government to implement Road Safety Audits [RSA] of all major roads, including those to be planned with a view to mitigate and or reduce carnage on our roads and we are yet to see its progress.”

According to UPC, this mechanism would go a long way in creating overall safety and discipline in our roads.

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