DJ Kabari: Legendary broadcaster gets extraordinary, touching eulogies

Betty Acen, deceased wife [circled] paying her last tribute to her husband on Sunday.

Soroti – Teso prominent broadcaster – Robert Ayabu, popularly known then as Dj Robert Kabari was laid to rest on Sunday at Abari village, Oculoi parish, Katine sub-county in Soroti district.

Dj Kabari succumbed to cancer on Friday morning from Soroti regional referral hospital, aged 45.

He left behind a widow and five children with the youngest being three (3) years old.

The deceased since the day he died, was conferred with overwhelming eulogies from employer, friends and relatives.

However, on Sunday, his family – wife and children extolled him with extraordinary eulogies that caused mourners to weep.

“……it has taken me quite some time to wake up the courage to speak this as it causes me great sadness to talk,” Betty Acen, the deceased wife in her initial statement.

“I can speak to you now because I feel it brings me some might. Just to inspire some of you to have the opportunity of enjoying your loved ones before it is too late”, the widow added.

“A great philosopher once said that, ‘there are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth… not going all the way, and not starting.”

The widow also said she used to be awake in the darkness [night] trying to imagine a world where ‘my husband’ was no more and ‘every night I envisioned this hurtful activity, I would cry myself to sleep’.

According to her, the life she was gifted with by having amazing father was so wonderful, adding: “The experience so beautiful that imagining him no longer a part of it; too cruel a world to live in. Yet it is because of the finality of death and the gaping hole that it leaves within ones heart.”

“It is absolutely mind-blowing to know that in all of time and in the vastness of space, I have had the opportunity of experience; I can do nothing else but thank my husband from the bottom of my heart, for his love and guidance to me and the children.”

“In the end all that matters is what we do with the one short chance that we get, how wonderful it is to have it, how amazing to have truly used it.”

Like mother like daughter, the deceased elder daughter, Scovia Acen extolled her dad: “My father, the remarkable man that he was is most definitely the greatest example of how to live this thing we call life.”

Acen who completed air dressing course two years ago, thanked her late father Robert Ayabu for paying her school fees.

“Our father was the only being we have had the pleasure of knowing, who walked with absolute determination and meaning, he always had somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to.”

“In all, honestly I cannot recall one instance that my father had to offer up an excuse for a mistake, he would admit to it but always managed to move on.”

With tears rolling down, Acen said if her father was faced with a problem or situation, his mind was already working on a solution and way forward, adding “sometimes his mouth would precede him and he would talk nonsense, but with time he always had extraordinary-good answer.”

“He lived his life until the very last moment and managed to fill it with tremendous love, passion and meaning”, said Catherine Ameso the late’s second born child.

Speaking with grief, Ameso said her father was her hero. “He will remain my hero for all the time because he stayed true to whom he was.”

“Once you have a bite from the apple of success, no matter how many times you eat from it, you will never be satisfied. Our dad managed to circumvent this by not making his life about himself, but instead about his family, friends and loved ones,” said the bereaved girl.

She stated that their father succeeded to live admirably by doing everything for others who could never repay him the favor.

She adds that her dad knew all along that giving would always trump the easy path and that he would have to increase his ability to give through hard work and vigorous dedication.

Ameso eulogized her father as someone who didn’t disenchanted himself and it was not within him to give up.

“He tried his utmost best to follow through on his promises and took it upon himself to worry for everyone’s sake. He was an honor bound warrior, set on his ways and extremely resilient to pessimism,” she added.

Joshua Omase, the third born child said his dad lived a larger than life itself, with dreams that kept him in high spirits.

“…. and the people [mourners] seated here is serving as reminder of why he did what he did. I am so very happy that I still have my beautiful mother and other four siblings of mine in my life, they along with my lovely girlfriend now become my reason to do what I must do,” Omase said.

He added: “Our father’s genetics and mannerism lives on within each one of us, his words now become our words and his memories serve as our foundation. How fortunate and lucky I feel to have had a father, to share the time and to have created the fondest of memories?”

“Just like the stars that dot our night sky, he has now blistered out, but not before leaving behind his way of life within us so that we may now go forth and shine, not as brightly only differently,”

“My fondest memory is of my childhood when dad would tell us bed time stories until we would fall asleep, sometimes he would fall asleep right next to us because he’d be repeating the same story over and over to our amusement,” he recalled.

“He is now asleep and we must wake without him, his work is now done and he can finally rest. May his Soul Rest in Peace,” end of eulogies.

Dj Robert Kabari has been a talk show host of good governance program on Delta FM in Soroti that runs from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm Monday to Friday and a Kumam parliament programs.

Catherine Ameso and Joshua Omaje laying a wreath on their father’s coffin on Sunday.
Journalists carrying the coffin containing the body of DJ Kabari to his grave site.
The late Robert Ayabu being lowered down into the grave on Sunday.

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