Akii Bua stadia: Lira council directs Police to investigate ‘misused funds’

Lira district LC5 Chairman, Alex Patrick Oremo Alot. File photo.

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Lira – The ‘banshee of the late John Akii Bua’ in Alebtong district is not about to stop haunting Lira district Chief Administrative Officer, Mark Tivu and his chairman Alex Patrick Oremo Alot.

Just nearly a fortnight after Mark Tivu and Oremo appeared before the committee of parliament on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and States Enterprises [COASE] and grilled over funds meant for preliminary works, Lira district councilors sitting on Friday brought back the issue on table.

Santa Angela, the female councilor representing Adekokwok and Ngetta sub-counties in Erute South is among the councilors calling for local investigations into how the district used shillings 650 million on preliminary works.

“Mr. Speaker, as council we should not ignore the issue, and I think as Hon. Councilors we should demand that the executive present a report to us,” Angela emphasized on the council floor.

It should be recalled that Mrs. Angela was hitherto a close associate to LC5 Chairman Mr. Patrick Alex Oremo but their relations have since broken after she was dropped from Oremo’s cabinet.

It is therefore, not surprising that a demand for investigations into the alleged abuse of the Akii-Bua stadia funds would come from her.

Lira CAO Tivu Mark [circled] before COASE – Parliament of Uganda early this week. Courtesy photo.
In any case, if investigations can negate on Oremo’s administration then it is a political capital for Angela.

This proposal was however embraced by George Rashid Opio, the district speaker who said he was particularly interested in unearthing the truth about monies spent on compensating families whose crops were allegedly destroyed in the process of bush clearing the stadium site.

While appearing before COASE in recent weeks, CAO Mark Tivu contradicted himself when he said the land was virgin and swampy, few moments after he had told the committee that basing on the directives of the then minister for education and sports, Hon. Jessica Alupo, the ditrict used about shillings 280 million to compensate families who were occupying the land.

This however, drew questions from some of the MPs on the committee who wondered how the district would compensate people who were illegally occupying government land.

Now, George Rashid Opio is concerned that it appears members from only one family received the money.

This contemporary news website has learnt that family members compensated are all of Rajab Shaban, the area LC1 chairman of senior quarter’s village in central division, Lira Municipality.

Speaker Rashid Opio and the council have now directed Lira District Police Commander Joel Tubanone to institute an investigation on how the district used the funds and those who were compensated after several reports quoted different compensation figures.

A report indicated that the district used shillings 150 million, another says shillings 170 million while a separate figure [report] presented to MPs puts the figure at shillings 280 million.

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