Those who call us terrorists are extremist groups – Mufti Mubajje

Amin Mosque was officially launched on Wednesday.

Lira – The Mufti of Uganda, Sheihk Shaban Mubajje has distanced Islam from the current global terror acts and blamed such subversive activities on radical groups and extremists.

Sheikh Mbajje says Islam as a religion was founded on the values and foundations of peace, mutual co-existence and love for humanity. He says those causing trouble in some Middle East countries are not necessarily Muslims but extremists who should be condemned.

This was part of the speech he delivered in Lira town on Wednesday while presiding over the official opening of a multi-billion Mosque at Lango Quran primary school. The mosque has temporarily been named after the late president Iddi Amin Dada.

According to the Mufti, whereas Lango Muslim district has named it after Amin – such tasked can only be made by Uganda Muslim Supreme Council [UMSC].

He adds that it can be called so, for time being.

The mosque whose construction started in early 70’s was nothing but a layer of blocks, pillars and concrete until serious construction works commenced about three years ago and got stalled. Finally, it got done in 2018 with funding from the Turkish government.

In his maiden speech, the Mufti emphasized the need for Muslims to show love not only among themselves but to the whole community wherever they live and the need for harmonious existence.

“As muslims, the Quran teaches us to love and to cherish peace, I urge you not to copy the culture of violence and wars that we are currently seeing in other parts of the world,” Sheikh Mubajje cautioned Muslims.

The Mufti’s message seems to be a direct reference to the ongoing political instability   and wars caused by Islamic-leaning terror groups like Alquaeda, Alshabaab and the Islamic State in Levant [ISIL].

This has affected countries like Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and Nigeria, among others. Millions of lives have been lost and millions also displaced as a result of wars in those countries.

Debatable issue  

Meanwhile, controversy is brewing over the idea of naming the magnificent mosque after Field Marshal Iddi Amin Dada, a onetime president who toppled Obote’s government and led Uganda as president from 1972-1979.

Rtd. Col Tonny Otoa, who served in the auxiliary force – Kikosi Mailum who together with FRONANSA fought and defeated Amin and later served as Army MP when the NRA/UPDF led by current leader – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni took over, are among those opposing naming it after Amin.

“I am disappointed that the mosque is named after Amin, he killed many people including my own brother, and it breaks my heart,” a tearful aging Otoa told this contemporary news website.

But Lira district Woman MP, Joy Atim Ongom who was conferred the name Hajjati Zainabu by the Muslim faithful, suggested that there was nothing wrong with naming the mosque after the late president Iddi Amin.

According to MP Ongom, although Amin was widely viewed as a dictator whose reign was characterized by a lot of extra –judicial killings, he also ensured a lot of development, citing exorbitant Embassies outside Uganda that was constructed by his government.

During the function that was well attend by not only Muslims but faithful across religious divide, Sheik Ishaka Nagoye also brought to the attention of the district Khadi, the encroachment and rampant grabbing of Muslim lands in Lira district.

Amin Mosque in Lira finished with financial help from Turkish government. Courtesy photo.


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