“For doing it”, Ugandans bash Lira RDC Milton Odongo

Police under Lira DPC Joel Tubanone raids Unity Radio on Saturday afternoon.

With less than 50 days in office as Lira Resident District Commissioner [RDC], Milton Odongo is facing strongest condemnation from Ugandans.

This comes after his earlier statement [warning] leading to the closure of one of Lango’s preferred local radio stations – Unity FM 97.7 on Saturday.

Radio Unity – co owned by Onapa Jimmy Louis aka DJ Cool was put off air by joint security officers from UPDF and Police in what sources say ‘inciting the public to revenge against Indian traders’.

This claim has been vehemently refuted by one of the radio’s top management who spoke on condition of anonymity to this contemporary news website on Sunday afternoon.

“We weren’t inciting the community but informing them. What has happened was uncalled for and we are using possible options to be back on air soon,” a top manager said.

Security actions didn’t only end with radio closure but at least seven employees, including senior managers were also arrested.

Odongo Charles aka Chako, Ogwang Felix, Ogwal Michael, Alwala Charles, Emmy Zoomlamai Okello, Opio Ken, Engola Junior Okello and Aron Ola were those arrested.

On Wednesday, RDC Odongo warned local radios in Lango, especially those in Lira district against going ‘overboard’.

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Lira RDC Milton Odongo addressing district leaders early this week.

This was after media houses had embarked on broadcasting news related to the killing of Dickens Okello, 11, alleged to have been killed by two Indian traders in Kole district.

Also, many locals were using radio stations to criticize Police for issuing fake postmortem report conducted by their own officer, Dr Olwa Francis.

The report showed the deceased boy died of heart problem. Locals became wild – so does family members, key among them Dr. Richard Nam – the Okii-amat clan head also the Ker Tekwaro Lango Premier who rejected the police’s death report.

Whereas other reports, pending confirmation on Monday [tomorrow] say Uganda Communication Commissions [UCC] closed Radio Unity for reasons this news website is yet to ascertain, and aware that RDC Odongo had made prior warning to shut any radio going overboard, Ugandans believe it was the RDC move to do so.

They, angrily, using social media – Facebook, bashed Mr. RDC,  calling on him to go slow. Verbatim

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