Police fires live bullets at mourners in Kole as slain boy is buried

Relatives of slain Dickens Okello offers him last respect on Saturday.

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Kole – The Alito sub-county space in Kole district was engulfed with gun smokes after mourners turned rowdy at Police and district leaders.

This follows a decision by the ‘family members’ of slain child, Okello Dickens, 11, who was allegedly murdered by two Indians denying  top security chiefs to address them [mourners].

Immediately, after being denied chances to make statements or perhaps eulogies, North Kyoga Region RPC, Kole DPC, Mohamed Musahakana and their boys started exiting the deceased child’s home.

Shortly, locals started throwing stones directly at them, some hitting their targets. Police, who were deployed there, started firing live bullets to quell the tense situation.

There were neither injuries nor death. TND News Reporter, Immy Amony reports that majority of mourners had to leave, including Lango Paramount Chief, Won Nyaci Yosam Odur Ebii.

Earlier on, Frederick Odongo Ocen who read deceased life history told mourners that as family members they are sure the two Indian men killed their son.

“No matter what police say, the two Indian men killed our son,” he said.

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