Military takes over Lira town as locals protest soon after slain boy’s send-off

Army and Police takes charge of Lira town as locals protest. Facebook photo.

Lango – UPDF and Uganda Police Force have taken over Lira town after protest from locals had emerged from different parts of the municipality.

On Saturday, after the burial of Dickens Okello, 11, in Dog-gudu village, Alito sub-county in Kole district, mourners who were angry with Police chiefs who had gone to console the bereaved family, started throwing stones at men in uniform.

In self defense and with visible sign of rage on their faces, police stated firing live bullets at rowdy mourners to halt further chaos. Many fled the burial place in supersonic tempo with unlucky ones being shot at, reports say.

Preliminary reports reveal one had died in Kole of the bullet wounds but no official confirmation has been made.

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The protest extended sharply to Lira town with some locals involving themselves in criminal acts like shops’ break-ins, among others.

These, they [some] say was to show their anger to Indians who have for many years mistreated natives.

“Shots of rubber bullets are allover town and main street [Obote Avenue] cordoned-off by security and teargas as well,” TND News Uganda Frank Oyugi reports from Lira town.

“Lira town, people are in cat and mouse run with security,” he added.

Several properties have been destroyed including a building housing Letshego, a micro financial institution located on Oyam road in Lira municipality.

Window glasses broken by rowdy locals on Saturday.

David Ongom Mudong – the North Kyoga Regional police spokesperson when contacted said he was not aware of the situation in Lira.

“I’m out of office attending to my sick mother. Please,” Mudong told this contemporary news website on Saturday evening.

Also, 5th Division army spokesperson, Captain Lawrence Draga could not give any comments, referring this news website to his 4th Division counterpart, Colonel Olweny whose area of jurisdiction is not his.

Over the past years, a number of Indian businessmen have been accused of urinating on their employee. Early this year, an Indian working with Tip Top Bakery as a manager was arrested for smearing the anus of one of their worker’s anus with hot chili powder.

The Indian man claimed then that the boy had stolen a packet of sweet loaf. He was arrested but the criminal case died naturally!

Reporting by Frank Oyugi and Immy Amony

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