Family accuses Police, Pathologist as killed son’s postmortem report is rejected

Not happy with how son was killed - Dr. Richard Nam. File photo.

By David Okema

Lango, Kole – Last week on Sunday, 11, November this year, David Ongom Mudong, who’s the Police spokesman for North Kyoga region released a press statement.

In the press [public] statement, he disclosed a postmortem report of Dickens Okello, 11, a P.3 pupil [then] of Alito primary school who was allegedly strangled and later passing on by two Indians nationals.

The statement indicated that the 11 year old child died of heart problem, a report that attracted rage and unending debate on different platforms.

Dickens Okello met the horror encounter on Friday 9, November at Cuk Anekapiri, Alito sub-county in Kole district. Confirmed reports reveal he was heading back home from school with one of his brothers.

Press statement issued by Mudong reads in verbatim: “Preliminary information reveals that Madmay and Fravay all Indian Nationals dealing in Cotton business based at Odokomit in Lira Municipality while traveling in a Toyota  double Cabin  Reg. UBD 679Y from Aneka Piri Market in Kole District stopped and engaged with some school going pupils under unclear circumstance still subject of investigation where one pupil Okello Dickens aged 11years while fleeing away from the two said Indians entangled himself with barbed wire and later allegedly assaulted developed serious injuries, the police were informed and intercepted the two Indians. The victim was rushed to Lira Regional referral Hospital intensive care unit where he later died. The postmortem report indicates that the deceased died of a heart problem. The two Indians are still being held at CPS like charged with Murder vide CRB 318/2018; their case file is pending submission to RSA for perusal and legal advice. (PRO NORTH KYOGA)”

What does Dr. Richard Nam, a witness during postmortem say?

Dr Richard Nam who doubles as the deceased grandfather and the leader of Okiiamat clan where Okello belongs, attended a postmortem exercise. However, he has come publicly to disown the report as a professional medical doctor with specialty in gynecology.

During a phone interview, here is what Dr. Richard Nam said:

“I attended the postmortem on behalf of the family and as a clan head and as a medical doctor I thought we would share with my colleague who doing the postmortem on behalf of the police. And I was really angered the result was not communicated to me, and all of a sudden I got people calling me that police, using social media said our son died due to heart attack.”

“I got so shocked, and that’s why I went viral disputing the results because what I saw there was very different. So, to tell you what I witnessed, this was a child who had a broken neck we called it avulsion of the base, skull and the first neck joint. Secondly, in the middle of the bone forming the neck, two bones was separated due to pressure and the force which was applied to the neck, massive bleeding – hematoma (blood clot) in the middle of the skull and the brain marker itself; bleeding under the eye called sub-conjunctival hemorrhage; those signs shows one thing that the child was stopped from breathing all over a sudden due to certain pressure on the connection of the neck. And on the liver, the front part of the liver showed huge hematoma indicating huge pressure because the child was bundled and that is why there is blood clot in the liver,” DR Nam explains in great shocks.

“There was no dissection of the heart, so I got so shocked that the results is indicating that the heart was having problem when it was not even touched during the postmortem; that is why I refuted and I sense a foul play because why did they not communicate the result to me as a representative of the family and as a doctor representing the clan and the whole community?”

“And when they talked of the child dying of heart disease, did they get any single history indicating that the child was being attended to by cardiologist? This child was walking from the village to school every day and there was no single day or history from the school indicating that the child one time collapse in the class or in the field while playing because of heart problem. Why should somebody fake that result? That means there was foul play and money meeting hands and I am not going to fear talking about it and something might have happen which influenced that result and is very embarrassing!” he wondered

“It was very obvious that these Indian chased the ‘young-man’, got hold of him, squeezed the neck terribly and fixed it in between the thighs of the victim and held him in a roll position and threw him over a barbed wire and felt badly in a pot holes where the boy died painfully; and why should someone fake result and say he died of heart problem, that is fake and unethical,” Dr Nam further narrated with feelings of rage.

The irritated Dr. Nam said doctors swear oath as medical personnel and emphasizes that medical practitioner must follow the oath without being influenced and compromised by any external forces if they want to maintain credibility and respect from the community.

He said the family will not bury the child unless satisfactory report is released concerning the cause of his death.  He confirmed that on Monday 12, the body had left Lira hospital mortuary to Uganda Police pathology department in Kampala for more investigation and people found responsible must be put to book according to the law irrespective of color, and race.

However, Dr Francis Olwa, the Police pathology who carried out the postmortem has also distanced himself from the information that he handed over the report to police.

While appearing on a local radio station in Lira town on Monday, Dr Olwa said he don’t know where the police got the postmortem of the Dickens Okello from.

The two Indians held for alleged murder on 11 year old Kole pupil. File photo.

“I have not yet released any report over Dickens Okello’s murder. I did not even give the police anything. But I want to assure everyone that in my report, I’ve never mentioned the heart, and I have not yet given out my findings,” Dr. Olwa said during the morning show.

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When this contemporary news website contacted David Ongom Mudong on Monday afternoon, he had to say the issue has been extended to Kampala and he is yet waiting for their report to make comments.

“Let’s wait because there is further analysis which has been extended to Kampala being done by other independent doctors – Police pathologists and being handled by technocrats and me I don’t want to involve myself in it,” he added.

However, the two Indian, dealing in cotton in Lango sub-region have only been identified as Madmay and Fravay. They are all in police custody on murder charge vide CRB 318/2018.

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