Two extra guns stolen from Agoro police outpost retrieved

By David Okema

A total of seven guns have been recovered from the people within the community since the year began according to Kitgum Police record.

Kitgum – Jimmy Patrict Okema, the Aswa region police spokesman has confirmed recovery of two more guns that were stolen from Agoro police outpost in September this year during an operation in Kitgum Municipality.

The recovery took place on Saturday 10, November at 11:00am in Westland ward, Central division in Kitgum Municipality.

Okema added the recovery was through intelligence tipoff to the police about one suspected robber only identified as Okimbo.

He said police managed to recover several properties from a home of Okimbo. Okimbo was however not home during the operation.

“We recovered AK47 No. UG POL 563619899-10849 and AK47 No. UG POL 051487-07506 with three magazines loaded with 87 rounds of ammunition. Other items recovered include; 2 teargas canisters, four expensive cameras, six radios, mattresses, and amplifiers,” Okema told this contemporary news website, Tuesday.

The region’s police spokesman added three suspects were also arrested during the crackdown operation.

“We managed to arrest three suspects in the name of Apiyo Angel Harriet wife of Okimbo, Samuel Ochola and Ikwera Nono both are Okimbo’s friends in relation to the gun recovered and they are in our custody at Kitgum Central Police Station,” he added

Okema remembered and tells us that Apiyo was formerly a wife to a suspected robber, Lawrence Tima-kica who was killed few years ago by irritated mob in Kitgum town after he escaped from police cell.

This latest recovery brings the number of total guns recovered three, all stolen from Agoro police post.

Their details includes; AK47 No. UG POL 563619899-10849, AK47 No. UGPOL 05148-07506 and  AK47 No. UG POL 5659019553-30643 with 30 rounds of ammunition that was found in a frustrated robbery of one, Scovia Ayaa at a drinking joint in East Ward ‘A’ in Kitgum Municipality soon after the theft at the police post.

On Monday September 17, November, 2018, guns theft from Agoro police outpost was registered at Kitgum Central Police Station under CRB 019/2018.

Okema noted that police is still continuing to trace for one dangerous gun PK UG POL 256399 stolen from the same police outpost, and appealed to the community to report any suspected person in possession of fire arms.

However, a total of seven guns have been recovered from the people within the community since the year began according to Kitgum Police record.


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