“Leaked” postmortem report on murder of 11 year old boy angers Lango

The two Indians held for alleged murder on 11 year old Kole pupil.

Lango, Kole – Rage, anguish and anxiety are not even the right words to describe with exactitude the mood on Sunday in Lango sub-region after it emerged that a postmortem report on the alleged killing of 11 year old Dickens Okello by two Indian nationals was doctored.

On Friday November, 9, 2018, Dickens Okello and his slightly older brother were on their way back home from Alito primary school when they were approached by some two strange Indians cruising in a white double pickup truck of UBD series.

A witness account which is corroborated by statement from (a surviving boy) says the two Indians offered them sweets and biscuits which they declined.

“When we refused their gifts, they then offered us money in the denomination of 2000 notes, which we again refused,” the boy narrates.

According to Ogwang, the two Indians started running after them and they ran faster to escape from them unfortunately, his younger brother Dickens Okello could not make it faster enough and rammed onto a barbed wire fence. He later died on arrival to Lira regional referral hospital.

It is not yet very clear what caused his death but police report, now quashed by many natives indicates he died of heart attack.

The two Asian nationals are still in detention at Kole Central police Station and charged with murder.

 Postmortem conducted.

As Okello’s body lies cold in the mortuary at Lira regional referral hospital, postmortem was conducted on Saturday by Dr. Francis Olwa to ascertain the cause of his death.

Dr Olwa was not alone, Dr Richard Nam, a seasoned Doctor with specialty in gynecology closely looked on.

The postmortem report according to Dr. Olwa is still shelved and awaits picking by an investigative officer from Kole Central Police Station.

Police leaks postmortem report, pandemonium ensues.

As people were eagerly waiting for the doctors to break silence on the cause of death of Dickens Okelllo, David Ongom Mudong, the police publicist, North Kyoga region made the announcement, revealing what caused the sadden death.

Mudong’s ‘report’ caused pandemonium when he took to social media and posted on several WhatsApp groups, comprising majorly of journalist from vast media houses in Lango and gave a narrative of the incident that led to the death of the little boy, but one line caused a storm.

In his concluding statement Mudong said the postmortem report indicated that the boy died as a result of heart problem.

Court of public opinion at work

On Sunday, the electronic media (local FM stations) were awash with people calling on air to show their disappointment with the so-called postmortem report which they say could have been doctored to ensure the two Indian nationals escape the long arm of the law

Some of the calls had tribal and racial undertones with some ranting at government for its weak immigration laws and non protective policies on foreign investors.

Dr Richard Nam who watched as Dr Olwa carried out the postmortem also called 94.3 Qfm on Sunday morning and said: “It is unfortunate and not true that the report indicates the boy died from a heart problem.”

“This is disappointing if it is true, I was there in the mortuary when Dr Olwa conducted the postmortem and I personally touched the dead body and realized the neck was broken because it was rolling freely,” Nam said on 94.3 Qfm radio in Lira town.

He says when they opened the skull of deceased Okello, a clot of blood oozed out and that there were traces of blood under his (eyes) which to him points out that he was strangled.

Dr. Nam is the clan head of Okii- Amat to which the deceased belongs; he is also the prime minister Lango Cultural Institution, a group headed by Yosam Odur as Paramount Chief.

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