Thomas Kwoyelo pleaded not guilty to 31 counts before ICD

Thomas Kwoyelo at Gulu High Court-during trial later last year. Courtesy photo.

By David Okema

Gulu – Former Lord Resistance Army [LRA] commander Thomas Kwoyelo alias Latoni has pleaded not guilty of 31 counts of murder, kidnaps, hostage-taking among others.

This was before the International Crimes Division of High Court in Gulu town on Monday 12, November, 2018.

Kwoyelo appeared before three judges of the ICD, among them Justice Duncan Gaswaga, Michael Elubu and Justice Persis Jane Kigundu who chaired the panel.

The accused is facing record 93 counts of murder, hostage-taking, kidnap with intention to murder, pillaging, and aggravated robbery, and cruel treatment, violation of personal dignity, torture and rape among others.

Laton’s 93 counts of crimes were confirmed by High Court Judge Suzan Okalany at a pretrial stage.

Out of the 93 counts, Kwoyelo pleaded not guilty in 31 counts and plea not guilty were entered by the panelist of ICD judges.

Among the counts that were heard today includes the alleged attack on unarmed innocent civilians of Abera village in Parubanga, Pablo sub-county in Kilak County, Amuru district on 4, March 1996 where prosecution claims the accused killed 9 people and abducted scores.

The crimes were allegedly committed by the former rebel commander between 1992 and 2005 when he was still serving as a military commander.

Then, he was holding, several positions including commander of operations, director military intelligence and in charge of LRA sick bays.

The hearing was adjourned to Tuesday [tomorrow] 9 am upon prayer by Defense Lawyer Charles Dalton Opwonya.

Kwoyelo’s defense lawyer told judges that there are some sureties that the accused has presented before them and they want to consult.

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