Lira pastor loses LC1 election, creates own village, excommunicated

Most times when men of God are preaching the Holy Gospel to their believers, they emphasize so much on how they are not to focus so much on earthly possessions, power and authority but to store all their wealth in heaven!

But just like brother Jerobam, the fixious prophet who preaches water but drinks wine in Wole Soyinka’s book “the trial of brother Jero”, it is not surprising that some men of God do not follow the Holy Scripture that they preach to their flocks.

In Lira district, a pastor of Pentecostal Assemblies of God [PAG] Lira Limited has been excommunicated from church in Alebere, Barr sub-county after he decided to create his own village without the notice of local government authorities.

Pastor Bonny Opio campaigned and lost an election to be the area LC1 chairperson of Abali village held on 10th July 2018. He could not imagine he lost, never to accept defeat.

After losing in that political contest, pastor has since been engulfed in a cold war with Okeng Washington who beat him in the LC1 race.

Some of the residents have told TND News Uganda that the pastor doesn’t even shake hands with the new village chief, citing irregularities in the election process.

To add salt to the injury, the man of God was reportedly masquerading as the substantive local council one chairman of Abali village and has called several village meetings which are always attended by a faction of natives loyal to him.

Feeling threatened, Washington Okeng, the official LC1 chairman has now written to the sub-county authorities asking for disciplinary and administrative action to be taken on the pastor.

“I have asked them to consider this as an urgent issue. This pastor is destabilizing my leadership and threatening the peace of my village,” says Okeng the LC1 chairman.

As smart as “a devil”, the man of God after learning of a move to clip his wings opted to create a new village of his jurisdiction and is yet to be named.

TND News Uganda could not ascertain the number of households that Opio has curved out of Abali village to form his new village which he intends to lead as the LC1 chairman.

Leaders speak

Following this development, local leaders in Barr sub-county have been quick to react, disowning any idea to create a new village by pastor Opio.

Johnson Odyang is the parish development committee chairman for Alebere parish. He tells TND News Uganda that they are not aware of any newest village and shall not recognize it in their planning activities because it is illegal.

Also, Tom Lemu, the Barr sub-county LC111 chairman confirms receiving a report about the leadership wrangles in Abali village and warns that it could deteriorate into a security threat.

Although this contemporary news website could not reach pastor Opio for comments by press time, Lemu has jumped to his defense.

He says as the sub-county boss, he got complaints that the substantive LC1 chairman Washington Okeng sidelined some women who he suspects did not vote him and ensured they missed out on Community Driven Projects known as CDD.

Lemu, authoritatively says this angered pastor Bonny Opio because to him, it showed a political fight by Okeng against those who supported him although he did not win.

Meanwhile, PAG Lira Limited, who until now is embroiled in a religious war with PAG Uganda, has come out to disown pastor Bonny Opio saying he is not one of their own.

Bosco Okello – the assembly deacon of Bar, Erute South is on record saying: “Opio is not a member of PAG Lira Limited. Even if he was, he could not continue to serve the ministry under the current circumstance.”

We have reliably been fed with this development that Opio was stopped from preaching to the children of God following the controversy and is currently facing the church disciplinary measures.


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