Akii Bua stadia: The “truth” on “missing” construction funds

Lira CAO Tivu Mark [circled] before COASE - Parliament of Uganda early this week. Courtesy photo.

After coming under concentrated pressure from some Lango Members of Parliament and subsequently appearing, alongside district Engineer Hudson Omoko before committee of Parliament on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises [COASE] early this week, Mark Tivu – who’s the Lira CAO has made clarification.

Using social media – Facebook – embattled CAO said by the time he was transferred to Lira in fiscal year 2017/2018 from Masindi district, Lira district local government had already signed a Memorandum of Understanding [MoU] with Ministry of Education and Sports.

In the MoU, he says major activities [preliminary] was land surveying and tilting, river treating, bush clearing, grading, leveling, compacting, construction of ring roads, and installation of culverts.

These works, he says were executed by three CAOs [his predecessors], among them Elias Byamungu, Mugolo and Aggrey Ngobi who has now retired.

“The Principle of Vicariously Liability has made my image being tainted by an alliance of uninformed Ugandan Legislators and unprofessional media about the development of Akii Bua Memorial Stadium.

“For the last two weeks the media has been awash with issue on the Stadium because Politics has entered center stage.The development of the Stadium started in 2015/16 when I was in Hoima.

“All the three spent shillings 575m for the above work. I took over Lira in 2017/18FY and I was advanced shillings 90 million which was used for the construction of the temporary pitch and pavilion and completion of the VIP latrine.

“All these were done so that the Ministry could use it for designing, looking for funding for construction of the multi-billion stadium.

“It is there erroneous to assume that the shilling 665m was meant for building a stadium. The Parliamentary Committee on Government Assurance who came one week earlier was very happy with Lira District and promised to follow funding for the stadium in the next budget.

“As for the compensation my predecessors followed the procedures of valuation of crops and trees that were planted by people who had occupied the land during the LRA insurgence.

“The Ministry advised for purpose of harmony they must be compensated and we submitted the reports of valuation and the names to the Ministry that paid the people in their individual accounts.

“Therefore, my role as the sitting CAO is to explain the above-mentioned issue.
However I noted the following during our interactions with the Committee of Statuary boards and commissions.

“They were hurrying for Preliminary at 11am and we arrived at 10:30

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