Stella Nyanzi rejects Court bail, offers to teach prisoners how to use Facebook

Dr Stella Nyanzi before Magistrates' Court. Courtesy photo.

Those who feel offended have offended us even the more,” she told a Court in Kampala today.

Dr Stella Nyanzi – a Makerere University research fellow demanded to be sent back to Luzira prison after appearing before magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu.

Known as an activist, a social media follower and a critic of NRM government especially President Museveni, Nyanzi was arrested last week after posting an aggressive birthday poem to President Museveni who celebrated his 74th birthday in recent weeks.

The poem was offensive and somewhat targeting the dead mother of President Museveni – Kokundeka Esteeri.

Prosecution opines that on 16, September, 2018, Dr Nyanzi, using a computer, posted statements wishing that Museveni should have died at birth.

She pleaded not guilty and denied all charges.

“I find myself not guilty of these trumped up charges. I can’t surely see how Museveni can be offended by mere writings by a woman on Facebook. I would like him to come to this court and prove the extent to which he is offended. Let him come and look me in the eyes and testify against me. It amuses me to hear that my writings offended Esteeri, who is supposedly a dead woman but the same Museveni is on record for violations of several human rights,” she said.

Asked if she is interested in being bailed as State investigates her case, “I am not interested in bail. What are they investigating, Facebook posts? I’ll go to Luzira and be there with those ladies, and teach them how to write on Facebook.”

She added: “I have written a lot about Mr Museveni and I don’t see what I faulted to say that his mother Esteeri who is even a dead woman as we speak should killed him at birth looking at what he has done to the Ugandans your worship. I speak for many people and I plead not guilty on this count.”

She then rejected bail which court was ready to grant her. Case was adjourned to 20, November, 2018.

Often, she has criticized Mr Museveni overtly, another episode dating back to April in 2017 where Buganda Road Court [Magistrate’s Court] charged her for cyber harassment and offensive communication after calling President Museveni ‘a pair of buttocks’.

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