Amuru land compensation: Lawyer forged legal documents, withdrew from bank shs.103m

Bitek Okot busy WhatsApping at Gulu CPS on Monday. Courtesy photo.

By David Okema

Police in Gulu town is holding one Moses Okot Junior alias Okot Bitek, a renowned trainee lawyer attached to Oloya & Company Advocates in Gulu town.

Bitek was arrested on Sunday and taken to Gulu Central Police station on allegation that he impersonated and received [withdrew] shillings 103 million.

The above money was meant to compensate two land owners in Lakang, Amuru district whose land have been taken by government and offered to Madhavani Company for sugar cane growing.

Jimmy Patrick Okema – the Aswa regional police spokesman confirmed Bitek’s arrest and said the suspect masqueraded as legal agent.

According to Okema, who spoke to this contemporary news website on Monday afternoon, the suspect received from bank, money worth shillings 103 million belonging to John Oneka and James Olanya.

“The two owns land in Lakang in Amuru district where government is compensating its owners to pave way for Madhavani group of companies,” Police spokesperson, Mr Okema said.

“Olanya who was to get shillings 125 million got only shillings 50 million while Oneka who was also to get shillings 53 million got only shillings 25 million and the rest of the money was taken away by Okot from Post Bank Uganda, Gulu branch,” he added.

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It is alleged that the suspect forged legal documents claiming he was the legal representative of the two land owners to Post Bank where they were  to receive their money.

However Okema said Oloya & Company Advocates told police that there was no instruction from their company to have their staff [ an intern] now in spotlight to behave that way.

“The lawyer is just training with the law firm and was never assigned to represent any client in the Lakang land compensation,” Okema said of Oloya & Company Advocates.

By press time Okot was still in custody at Gulu central police station and charged with impersonation.

Police, through its Aswa regional spokesperson say there are many villagers from Lakang in Amuru district who are being conned by wrong element.

Our Twitter handle broke the news as early as 8am on Monday.

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