Teenage ‘journalist’ Lynette, 11, beats senior reporters at Wash Media Award

Lynette Nalule, 11, her Producer Edith Nakibuye in happy mood on Friday night.

Kampala – The Friday evening annual Wash Media Award for 2018 held at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala had so much to put in the picture, admire; both from organizers, spectators, MCs and nominees.

This year, seventeen [17] journalists working for and with different media houses in the country were nominated.  Fourteen [14] were [shared] overall winners and first runner-ups in each category.

Winners and first runner-ups were recognized with a certificate, and cash prize of shillings 1,700,000 and shillings 700,000 respectively.

For the first time, and perhaps in this similar award ceremony, it was the first time in media history a teenager ‘journalist’ scooping not only shillings 1,700,000 in cash prize but beating senior news reporters of reputable media houses.

Lynette Nalule, 11, who hosts Ffe Abato [Kids show] on BBS Terefayina was announced overall winner after her investigative story was judged best.

The youngster – a primary six pupil at Modern Junior School in Kampala trounces Spark’s TV Susan Nanyazi and Kenneth Kavula, also of BBS Terefayina.

The three were nominated under category: TV News feature.

On being announced winner, she walked to the podium, extremely excited as chants and praises from people at every corner of the stunning venue was for her.

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Later, in an interview with this contemporary news website, Lynette had this to say.

TND News Uganda: How do you feel after the victory?

Lynette Nalule: I feel good and excited. I feel happy.

TND News Uganda: You are young, what inspired you apply for the competition and finally being a winner?

Lynette Nalule: It’s my talent. When I had not yet gone to TV, I was admiring those presenters.

TND News Uganda: You have won yourself shillings 1, 700, 000 for the hard work at just 11 years of age. How are you going to use it?

Lynette Nalule: Some people think they have given me the money for wasting, but I will save it for future use.

TND News Uganda: What is your aspiration for the future, be a journalist?

Lynette Nalule: I want to be a surgeon, a politician and a TV host.

TND News Uganda: Why politics. Something wrong in Uganda you’re seeing now?

Lynette Nalule:  Yes. As a president, I shall make sure I save the lives of community living at Bussi island in Wakiso district to get good toilets, clean water. I shall also improve the lives of children living in poor environment there. This is a place where a story I did won me an award.

TND News Uganda: You said you have been admiring some TV presenters, who are those, your role model?

Lynette Nalule: Diana Namasazi of BBS Terefayina is my role model. I wanted to be like her.

Lynette is also the head prefect of Modern Junior primary school where she studies.

Describing Lynette’s efforts and passion, Nakibuye Edith – her producer said: “I feel happy about the efforts because it’s not easy to handle kids. I’m like her parent and a mentor.”

On how she will guide and ensure the money is put into good use, Edith added: “We shall sit down with her parents and see what to do. As a child, she needs to look at what is good for her.”

Guests at the Wash Media Award 2018 finale on Friday.

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