Pakistan tycoons say “we have lost trust in the Uganda Police”

Butt taking pictures of what is left inside his shop on Sunday.

The Pakistan Community doing multidisciplinary businesses in Lira town have put a bounty of one million shillings only to anyone who will arrest unknown thieves who have left one of their own; the owner of Tabina Enterprises on Kwania road, Lira Municipality counting grave loses.

The thieves who are still at large are suspected to have used a driller or a sharp metallic cutter to open the wall right into the shop.

After gaining entry, they looted all sorts of electronic items on display which according to Tanveer Ahmed Butt, the proprietor of Tabina enterprises amount to over 40 million shillings.

“They stole DVD players, mobile phones, phone accessories and many other electronic appliances, Mr. Butt told TND News Uganda.

According to Butt, on 19th October 2018, after the day’s sales, he made sure his shop was properly locked before leaving for home but the following morning he was dazed to find the shop broken into.

He says they immediately alerted Joel Tubanone, the DPC Lira who dispatched a team of investigators to his shop.

However he is now disappointed that police have not made any headway into the case and no arrests has been made so far.

Butt has now staked million shillings for anyone who will furnish the Pakistan Community in Uganda [PAU] -Lira with information leading to the arrests of the suspects.

The hole dug by the thieves to gain entry into the shop at the weekend.

Police on the spotlight

Meanwhile, the police have come under criticism from the Pakistan businessmen over their slow response to crime scenes and slow investigations into past theft and robberies in their shops and stores.

“We are losing trust in the local police and the entire security system in the district,” Ateeq Nawarz, the President of the Pakistan Association in Uganda-Lira told the media.

Ateeq says they have even raised the matter to the Resident District Commissioner [outgoing], Robert Abak who heads the district security committee.

According to Ateeq, Pakistani doing businesses in Lira are contributing to the economic growth of the local community in Lango and also providing employment opportunities to the youth.

But he says the frequent breaking into their shops and failure by the security to apprehend the suspects is discouraging their efforts.

Security managers in the district maintain that the Pakistani businessmen are not deliberately targeted by an organized gang of thieves that they are on top of their game.

It should however be recalled that this is not the first time that the Pakistan businessmen have complained on the deteriorating security situation in Lira town.

In August this year, through their media coordinator Agha Aslam, he threatened to petition the office of the Inspector General of Police [IGP] Martin Okoth Ochola if the police on the ground fails to protect them.

At that time, about eight shops and 12 oil milling industries belonging to Pakistan businessmen were broken into and items worth millions of shillings stolen.

Their complains however comes upon the backdrop of a shake up in  the Uganda Police Force by the IGP that saw North Kioga  Regional Police Commander, RPC ACP John Peter Ematu literally sacked.

Last week, a team from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence – CMI coordinated by Lira outgoing RDC, Robert Abak stormed Lango to investigate among others the competencies and the professional conduct of the police on the ground and their findings are yet to be made public.

The signpost of Tabina enterprises. ALL PHOTOS BY OYUGI FRANK

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