Exclusive: Health centre III, entire sub-county to be closed as latrines are full

Map of Dokolo district and her sub-counties. Courtesy photo.

If the directive is not worked on within 14 days which ends on 1, November, 2018, in the history of Uganda, the entire sub-county of Kwera and Kwera Health Centre III all in Dokolo County North, Dokolo district will be shut.

In his letter dated 17th October, 2018 to acting senior assistant secretary, Kwera sub-county local government, Ongom George who’s the senior health assistant in charge Kwera Health centre III and Kwera sub-county has vowed to close the two entities without fear or favor.

Ogom’s letter titled; RE: TEMPORAL CLOSURE OF KWERA H/C III AND KWERA SUB-COUNTY DUE TO THE EXISTENCE OF OBNOXIOUS NUISANCE ARISING FROM FILLED UP EIGHT LATRINE STANCES DETAILED INDICATED IN STATUTORY NUISANCE NOTICE SERVED ON THE 4TH OCTOBER 2018 AND HEALTH INSPECTION REPORT OF 19TH SEPTEMBER 2017, he writes that last year while doing his inspection he detected a heap of obnoxious nuisance arising filled up of staff quarters latrines and for Kwera sub county office which is likely to harbor a breeding ground for disease vectors and vermin of public health importance to the public.

“Besides that its unsightliness, hazardous and producing bad smell making the general public there uncomfortable, faecofobic life,” senior health assistance asserts in his letter.

In his knowledge, Ongom says the nuisance is constituted as a Public Health Nuisances under Public Health Act. Chapter 269 revised 281, Sections 57, Sub-section (a-y) i.e. rules (j, i, k, n) of Public Health Act, 2001.

“The purpose of this letter is to abate and prevent the recurrence of the same nuisance and the government should do the following Amelioration to augment the performance of the temporary closed institutions and for this purpose to:

  1. Immediate construction/excavation of 10 latrine stances with bath shelters in staff quarters.
  2. Construct a placenta pit on the lee ward side of the Health facility. For disposal of placenta generated from the maternity ward.
  3. Immediate construction of two latrine stances with urinals for Kwera sub county headquarters’ offices.
  4. Plan to rehabilitate clients’ [patients] deep borehole at the Health facility which is producing suspicious water since most of its parts are full of rusts, spoiling of safe water for human consumption.
  5. Plan to renovate all staff quarters and to do all other works as may be necessary to the satisfaction of the Local Authority/Medical officer of health with the powers entrusted on me, I officially grant/extend more grace period of two weeks (14 days) up to the 1st November, 2018 to give more chance to Dokolo district to so course in effective award of contract and commencement of the real work.
  6. In case the action is not taken seriously, and the promise failed by the Government, a Court injunction requiring a closing order, demolishing order, abatement order or prohibition order must be served without fear or favor and signed by the Magistrate and officer preferring charges.

“My office will automatically close the institutions above should government fail automatically by 1, November, 2018,” Ongom further vowed.

About  14,795 locals in Kwera sub-county are expected to be affected by this action.

Reporting by Milton Akwam & Jaspher Ouni

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