Gulu council speaker names 11 ‘rebel’ councilors

Gulu Municipal Speaker Okwera Peter Onen. File photo.

Gulu – Okwera Peter Onen, the Gulu municipal council speaker has unveiled eleven rebel and unproductive councilors to the media.

Among other words Okwera has come out to describe his councilors are anti-development and unpatriotic leaders.

 Councilors Langwen Peter of Library, Komakech Odinga Oginga of Te-gwana parish, Lubwoyo Doreen ForGod of Bar-dege parish,Ocuma Amida of Kasubi, Acan Susan Female youth councilor, Ocaya Denis of Pece Pawel, Olanya Lucy of Queens’ parish, Akello Paska of Vanguard, Kinyera Sam Teko, Komakech Robert and Komakech Richard were the unveiled rebel councilors.

“These rebel councilors have caused serious loss to the council and for all this period the council business is greatly affected as there were no session,” Speaker Okwera told media in Gulu town last week.

As a result, he says the council has set up committee to investigate the councilors.

“Whoever is found guilty shall be punished,” he said. He didn’t further reveal other offences the eleven have caused.

“As council, we are going to help mediate with them for normal and successful running of council businesses,” he added.

Langwen Peter – a councilor representing Library parish and one of the rebel councilors in an interview with our reporter said they have nothing so personnel with the municipal council leaders.

But, he added they are not satisfied with the manner they [municipal leaders] are running Municipal council affairs.

“If there must be mediation, there must also be an independent body from both side,” he demanded.

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