Conundrum: An “old man and untimely death”

Author - Mwaka Emmanuel.

By Mwaka Emmanuel

An old man and untimely death!
When a flute is blown, drums beaten and melodious voice, voice of women are heard crying in the morning!

It’s Acholi celebration of the death of a grandpa!
When an old man stays forever, prayers are that grand-kids should not fall sick!
The presence of an old man brings bad omen and untimely death of grand-kids.
They carry both blessings and curse!
When they overstay alive, they drain lives and resources!

An old man untimely death!
A very old man drains family resources due to sickness. Everyone in the family is tired and retired to his fate but to his death. The funeral speeches are full of praises and how death is cruel having stroked again in untimely fashion!

Yes, Acholi would celebrate wine, dine and procreate more children because his stay is a nightmare to family resources and untimely death of children.

An old man and untimely death!
A dad is promoted to grandpa. Grandpas are good listeners, story tellers and most importantly best friends, they laugh, play with grandchildren-Bazukulus, but their blessings are short lived, if long time, untimely death!

They console grand-kids when necessary. They are source of advice because of their years of experience, their love is a unique treasure never forgotten by their grand-kids, when a grandpa die, tears races down the face with its signature of pain, all the good accolades and praises for his eventful live piles!

Yes, we say heaven has received another angle, grand-kids reminisce! -A good grandpa.

The love for grandpa will always be alive though he is gone,

An old man and untimely death!
A reality, strange but true, a reality!
A reality of Uganda, where an old man calls himself grandpa!

But Bazukulus, grand-kids are dying untimely death!
Grand-kids are dying and the names are closing in on a dozen in 32 scores, an anonymous Ugandan grand-kid said “Even in our home we are tired.

Would wish an immediate departure of that old man to save grand-kids untimely death, but it’s a taboo to say it, in Acholi you first lik local salt ‘kado atwona’ to cleanse the omen like bad dream.

Finally, when he actually goes, there is silent celebration but outward pouring of praises.
And how cruel death has been to take away a revolutionary who has become very magical and mysterious!

An old man and untimely death! How many kids have died untimely, magical and mysterious deaths? Elders, God save your kids for the untimely death are rampant as if we ate raw poison!

An old man and untimely death.



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