Mobile Money Tax: MPs Okello Tango, Amule Doreen told to avoid Amolatar

Lira – In 2017, Kyoga County MP, Anthony Okello was among Uganda legislators – few from Lango sub-region who suffered the wrath of the electorates during attempts to remove Article 102(b) from the Constitution.

As it can be recalled, MP Okello – fondly known as Tango was stoned to near death by his own voters at one of the gatherings he convened to consult them on the age limit bill which is now a Law.

His stoning came as a result of his big support for the removal of lower and upper age cap for person vying for presidency.

Now, just a day after majority of MPs – many belonging to NRM party voted to stay the 0.5% tax on mobile money withdrawals, TND News Uganda can authoritatively disclose that the two Hon. MPs – Anthony Okello and Amule Doreen who all said “Mr. Chairman, we voted NO Twice”, are in troubles.

A young and politically enthusiastic lawyer who hails from the present day Angwiri sub-county in Amolatar district has come out to challenge Anthony Okello Anthony and the district Woman MP, Doreen Amule whose votes collectively with others ensured Ugandans continue to incur 0.5% levy on mobile money withdrawals.

Speaking to TND News Uganda correspondent in Lira town on Tuesday evening, Counsel B’tek Okot attacked MPs Doreen Amule and Anthony Okello, saying their past and current actions are a deliberate betrayal to the people of Kioga Constituency and Amolatar district who voted them to parliament.

B’tek Okot, a vibrant lawyer at Oloya and Company Advocates in Gulu town says after saying yes to the removal of the presidential age limit last year to the chagrin of their voters, the two legislators should have recalled their sins by rejecting the mobile money tax passed on Tuesday.

According to Okot, majority of the people in Amolatar uses the mobile money platform as the easiest and most convenient medium of financial transactions and wonders why Okello and Amule could not defend their interest.

“First of all Hon Okello and Amule should know that Amolatar district is a hard to reach area; it has only one bank, which is post bank, and most of the people rely on mobile money….” Barrister Okot told TND News Uganda.

He says mobile money tax is not only regressive but also not in tandem with the international taxation laws which the MPs should have known better, further warning the ruling party, NRM to trade carefully.

“Our MPs should remind themselves on the history of this country; one of the factors that led Uganda to attain independence is because people rose up to resist oppressive and a cake taxes on things like Cotton and land etc by the colonial masters,” said Okot to TND News Uganda’s Frank Oyugi.

MPs warned not to cross Kyoga

To add salt to the wound, Okot has now drawn a battle line on the sand against MPs Doreen Amule and Anthony Okello, asking them never to step foot in Kyoga since they betrayed the voters.

This comes in the wake of Uganda’s 56th independence anniversary celebrations on 9th October 2018 and Amolatar is set to hold a celebration at the Boma grounds opposite the district hospital.

Threatening to unleash terror on the two legislators if they dare to go to Amolatar, Okot said: “We are asking our two MPs not to make any mistake of coming to Boma grounds, should they dare, I can assure them, they are going to suffer the worst resentment ever.”

He added that the current mobile tax is an indicator that Ugandans are not yet economically independent and the more reason the two legislators who voted in its favor should stay away.

By press time, none of the legislators could respond to our phone calls.

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