What Dr Ben Ocoo said before he died

He was President Museveni's political adviser for Lango sub-region. RIP Dr Ben Ogwang Ocoo.


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It’s now not uncharacteristic for someone even in deep illness and pain to know he will come back dead from the hospital.

And while some of our loved ones died without knowing exact date of their demise, few people today can suppose.

In this hurting reflection, Dr Ben Ogwang Ocoo – who established one of the significant private health hospitals in Lira town had known on admission at the hospital, he wouldn’t get back home alive.

His nephew, who grew up in his hand from birth up to now when he’s 28 years old, recalls what his uncle told them while being taken first to his health facility – Lira Medical Centre on Saturday.

After going to Le Memorial Hospital, Entebbe branch for control last Monday, Ocen Emmanuel Brown – the deceased nephew says his uncle on return to Lira felt more pain and was vomiting all time.

“This sickness is not taking me well,” Brown said of the deceased.

He added that Doctor was put on a twelve month doze of cancer treatment and would be injected every 30 minutes.

On Saturday, his health condition worsened and was rushed to Lira medical centre and put on oxygen and IV fluids.

After, his nephew says he got a little improvement as arrangement to airlift him to Mulago national hospital for better management was being arranged.

“If I don’t come back alive, that’s life,” Dr said to his family members on Saturday before he was admitted at his health facility in Lira town.

On Sunday at 8am, Brown says his uncle managed to talk to him on phone from Mulago hospital and told him he was ‘recovering’, ‘okay’ and eating.

Two months ago, he told our reporter: “My son, I have been away for treatment. Cancer is troubling me but I feel a little okay now.”

Dr Ben told our news reporter whom he preferred to call him his son. This was after he was back from a hospital in India.

Sadly, he [Brown] says, at around 9:15pm he got a phone call from the deceased son in Swaziland and soon from Doctor’s wife that he was no more.

Dr Ben who died at 71 years left behind a wife and five children – three girls and two boys.

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