RDC orders for arrest of twelve Gulu councilors

Town Clerk Baranabwa Francis, Mayor George Labeja and RDC Okot Lapolo addressing journalists last week. Photo by Denis Otti.


The local politicians claim that the office of the Town Clerk is ‘illegal and not mandatory by any law’ to exist.”

Gulu – The Resident District Commissioner [RDC] of Gulu Major Santo Okot Lapolo has directed the district police commander to arrest all the 12 councilors who last week shut the office of the Gulu Municipality Town Clerk, Francis Barabanawe.

While addressing journalists from the Mayor’s office last week, Mr Lapolo directed for the arrest of the councilors whom he accused of sabotaging government program [business] of the today.

The local politicians claim the office of the town Clerk is ‘illegal and not mandatory by any law’ to exist.

They have accused the town clerk, among many claims of refusing to remit revenue amounting to over shs.30m to the four divisions they represent in the Municipal Council even after prior assurance from his office.

Mr Francis Barabanawe, the under pressure Town Clerk while responding to the councilors’ action to close his office and further accusing him of being corrupt, advised the councilors to report him to IGG.

“If there is any case of corruption on me, let them report to IGG for investigation,” Brabanawe said.

According to Police, none of the councilors have been arrested. However, police says it has launched investigation and to arrest them.

The councilors to be arrested include Komakech Robert of Kanyagoga, Acan Susan who’s a youth councilor, Lubwoya Doreen who represents Bardege and For God parish, Akello Paska Mercy of Vanguard parish, Langwen Peter of Library parish, Olanya Lucy of Queen’s, Komakech Geoffrey Oginga of Tegwana North, Komakech Richard Oketayot of Bargede, Ocama Amidi of Kasubi and Ocaya Deogratious of Pawel Pawel, among others.

There are 34 councilors in Gulu Municipality.

The above angry councilors stormed the town clerk’s office and forcefully locked its door and handed over the keys to Gulu Central police station before they vanished.

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