Amuru leaders reject cash bribe from anonymous charcoal dealer

Charcoal is now a lucrative trade in Uganda but now being restricted in some northern Uganda districts. File photo.

Amuru – The Kilak North Member of Parliament, Akol Anthony and the Amuru district LC5 chairperson, Lakony Michael has said unknown person attempted to bribe them.

Speaking to our reporter in an interview, MP Akol said he received a phone call on Thursday night from strange number, requesting him to take a bribe of shs20m with chairman as to allow their impounded vehicles be released from police custody.

He says the anonymous caller told him all the 18 impounded trucks loaded with charcoal were ‘his’.

The district chairperson, Lakony, too, confirmed the attempted bribery to our reporter last week.

He says the 18 trucks all with illegal sacks of charcoal would be auctioned after the owners failed to show up and to pay hefty fines.

Mr Lakony added that each truck was to be released upon cash payment of shs4m by the owner.

About shs72m are expected to be generated from the business and the district boss added that it would help in repairing roads in the district.

Part of the money he says would go into funding community projects.

Meanwhile, MP Akol urged the Amuru district council to levy high tax on illegal charcoal dealers and often impound their vehicles.

According to Akol, this will help reduce environmental degradation and illegal cutting of trees in entire Acholi sub-region.

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