Liberation politics is not normal politics – says Asuman Odaka

Odaka Asuman.

Many Ugandans now want to upgrade from normal politics to liberation politics whose mission is to loosen elderly ideologies – political pundit, Asuman Odaka has said.

Mr Odaka, a member of JEEMA party noted that unlike old serving leaders in the current political arena who want to feed and educate modern youth with their ideologies, such lesson is now outdated.

In an exclusive interview with TND News Uganda on Friday afternoon, the 2016 aspirant for Tororo Municipality MP seat repeated that politics have gone a long way in the modern settings.

“In liberation politics, you don’t need to explain to people your agenda. It’s just about change and removal of a leader. They [youth] don’t care who does what; no ideologies, policies, etcetera,” he said.

In recent days, some Ugandans mocked Bobi Wine on social media, after he addressed media from his Magere home in Wakiso district.

They claim that Bobi Wine doesn’t have any agenda and good policies for Uganda.
But to Mr Odaka, the slogan [People Power – Our Power] has greatly spoken.

“Here we are; the slogan has been sold and people are okay with it. What is needed now is re-branding it.”

He added: “We are happy it is being led by people who don’t have barrier with the regime…like the Bobi Wine.”

Like some Ugandan youths, Odaka is too conscious about Mugisha Muntu’s interest in joining Bobi Wine campaign.

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“Now, with Muntu, he brings in their historical opinions and ideologies to the youth led struggle,” he noted, but disagrees with those who think Muntu was a mole in FDC party where he was a real member and a leader for nearly 15 years.

“My feeling is that we re-brand the struggle and anybody above 45 years stay at the background and give just support but not taking leadership role,” he suggests.

On internal strife in FDC party that led to Muntu’s exit – alongside others, he says there has never been a material sign for them to pass, adding that their relationship had gone vinegary.

Referring to a family law, Odaka says when a husband and a wife go to court and their submissions show they are not ready to reconcile; they can be allowed to part ways.

“Muntu has only changed from number seven [7] to number eleven [11] where he can still score goals,” political expert, Odaka notes.

He urged Mugisha Muntu and FDC to prove either side wrong, noting that the fights were bogging the entire opposition players down.

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