Ugandans, with Muntu and Bobi in talks, Wine won’t take you to the streets

Mugisha Muntu and Bobi Wine are in talks. File photo.


I don’t see a single People power follower who is willing to just ‘wait’ for Museveni to leave on his own

This was the first breakup Bobi showed Besigye and FDC

I think it’s even a blunder to have Muntu on the fore front

I don’t care who incorporate who where and why, all I want is Museveni and his NRM to go

The people power crusaders across the country may no longer see themselves protesting or demonstrating on streets as their chief initiator, Bobi Wine and former FDC president Mugisha Muntu start talks.

Muntu – who considers harmonious approach to cause change of governance in Uganda than defiance and or protest, left FDC party this week, nearly fifteen years at it to start a new formation.

Mr Muntu who says he left FDC because of endless fight and internal bickering, upon losing his presidency to Patrick Amuriat Oboi in 2017 commenced nationwide consultations with FDC supporters and non members on the way forward.

As FDC president, Muntu and his allies – many of whom joining his New Formation, defied protest and defiance campaigns championed by his predecessor, Kizza Besigye against Museveni’s continued rule.

While Besigye and his loyalists in FDC would mobilize masses to protest and later brutally arrested by state security forces, Muntu and others like former Leader of Opposition [LoP] in parliament, Winnie Kizza would stay afar.

Many times, Muntu was quoted to have said defiance wouldn’t take FDC to where it wants to reach.

Also, during Walk to Work, Mugisha Muntu was never arrested but saluted by men in uniform while Besigye was bundled badly into the Police waiting van and whisked away to Nagalama police station in Mukono district.

It’s also worth remembering that like Besigye, Bobi Wine – the Kyandondo East Member of Parliament on independent ticket has something akin in pushing for regime change.

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, until recent protests that broke out locally, regionally and internationally following his arrest alongside other Ugandans during Arua Municipality MP by-election, had met Besigye numerous times to chart way forward.

These numerous meetings, according to sources in FDC and in Bobi’s camp, were meant to have massive nationwide protests few days to Uganda’s 56th independence anniversary fete.

Because of amicable methods on how it would be started were something being discussed prior to Bugiri Municipality MP election, Bobi Wine was urged by anti Besigye-Amuriat people who had been briefed about the meet to withdraw from Besigye’s idea.

“The whole idea was first for Bobi Wine to campaign for FDC candidate in concluded Bugiri Municipality MP election against JEEMA’s Asuman Busulirwa. However, Wine was also advised by some people and opted to heap support to Asuman,” a source who preferred anonymity told us.

“This was the first breakup Bobi showed Besigye and FDC. Silently and aloud, MPs Winnie Kizza, Odonga Otto, and others all supported JEEMA against their candidate,” he added.

During Arua Municipality MP By-election, Wine who’s an independent MP in the 10th Parliament campaigned vigorously for dejected FDC founder member and former Terego county MP, Kassiano Ezati Wadri who is now an ally of Muntu’s new formation.

During one of his campaign speeches, Bobi Wine said he was in Arua after taking a lot of time considering who to support.

He says there were good and vibrant candidates, mentioning FDC’s Bruce Musema and others before zeroing his support on Wadri.

These and more gestures alone according to political experts were clear sign that the Kyandondo East MP who drives youth crazy was not willing to tolerate FDC agenda.


Speaking to TND News Uganda on Friday afternoon, Asuman Odaka – a political expert, former Tororo Municipality MP Candidate in 2016 and a member of JEEMA party has this opinion.

“I think it’s even a blunder to have Muntu on the fore front. My advice to People Power is to make the struggle a youth struggle,” he said.

“I think he’s a good man grossly misunderstood, this was worsened by blackmailers who want to occupy the space forever. My opposition is that i don’t want anybody above 45 years to have a leading role in People Power,” Odaka added.

According to Odaka, People Power branding is young people’s own struggle to answer generation question, adding that Muntu and others have their own histories and baggage that move with them.

Muntu, a believer of smart works to achieve something, after reaching amicable consensus with Bobi Wine won’t allow the legislator to mobilize his fans to demonstrate against NRM long stay in power.

Eng. Jack Loum Lakana now based in United Kingdom tells this contemporary news website on Friday afternoon during an interview that Mugisha Muntu was a mole in FDC.

Asked if Bobi Wine should accommodate Muntu in the People Power struggle, he said: “No. Muntu is a mole. He [Muntu] would pull Bobi Wine down.”

Lakana who says he’s one of the People Power supporters in the UK says Muntu never wanted FDC to antagonize NRM, adding that NRM supporters love Muntu for that.

“Now that he is in talks with Bobi wine People Power am anxious to see how far they will go. People Power is not very different from defiance and Muntu believes in building structure and ‘waiting’. I don’t see a single People power follower who is willing to just ‘wait’ for Museveni to leave on his own,” he added.

Jessica Aryemo, a Ugandan in London says: “I don’t care who incorporate who where and why, all I want is Museveni and his NRM to go. It’s up to Bobi Wine. I didn’t start People power. We must understand we who just know so much to use keyboards it was we who was tortured or brutalized to point of near death in that hotel room in Arua and Gulu barrack. Therefore, when we strike those keyboards to give our opinions, it’s advisable to reflect what Bobi Wine went through and those who lost their lives,” she said, in an interview on Friday.

Ms Aryemo added: “Bobi Wine is very blessed to be alive today. May God guide Bobi to make the right decision that save many young Ugandans lives and can alleviate youth from absolute poverty.”

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