Exclusive: How shs.700m Court award has sent Ker Tekwaro Lango into panic

Lango Paramount Chief, His Highness Yosam Odur Ebii. File photo.

On Tuesday 18 September, 2018, Lango legitimate Paramount Chief, His Highness Yosam Odur Ebii who is facing immense pressure from his rival, Eng. Dr. Odongo Okune, summoned a meeting of his trusted cabinet.

The meeting which was held at Lango Cultural Center [Abila a-Lango] was held in closed door and no camera or recorder by journalists was allowed as matters to be discussed then was classified as ‘crucial’.

But details of the meeting, kept away from people termed as not ‘wanted’ have emerged to TND News Uganda Investigator.

Our impeccable source who attended the meeting but preferred to be anonymous in order to speak freely said the meeting was chaired by Lango Chief, Yosam Odur Ebi himself.

“When we arrived, Mzee (Yosam) told us that he summoned the impromptu meeting because of urgent and pertinent issues that came up in recent days,” the source told us.

He added: “The Paramount Chief then told us [his ministers] that top on the agenda was a court award of shs.700m awarded to Dr. Engineer Michael Moses Odongo Okune by Lira High Court accruing from a civil  suit he ( Yosam ) instituted against Dr. Odongo whom he accused of masquerading as Lango Paramount Chief and also threatening to dethrone him.”

It’s worth recalling that Lira High Court dismissed the case against Okune and his Tekwaro Lango with cost, and last week Odongo, using his Lawyers from Okello Oyem and Company Advocates issued a statement indicating their intentions to have the money hastily paid.

“But Mzee has told us that he is not ready to lose any single cent to Odongo Okune,” the source added.

The meeting which was attended by, among others Dr. Richard Nam, Ker Tekwaro Lango Prime Minister and senior presidential adviser to President Museveni, Levi Okodi also a minister in Odur’s government, then tasked themselves to design strategies of evading the shilling 700m cost and how to counter  Odongo Okune.

This contemporary news website understands that one of the ministers suggested to the meeting that it was not yet too late to engage Okune’s side in a dialogue in order to persuade them to waive off the shillings 700m cost.

He convinced the meeting that Ker Tekwaro Lango formerly known as Lango Cultural Foundation does not have such a colossal sum of money to pay to enrich rival camp.

However, this suggestion was without delay trashed by the Paramount Chief himself who according to our source said he could not subject himself to a round table talk with Odongo Okune who has belittled him.

Jacob Ocen, the Ker Tekwaro Lango spokesperson reportedly sided with the Wonyaci.


According to our gatherings, the meeting then agreed that another meeting of the Council of “Owitong” (clan chiefs) who are loyal to Yosam be summoned so that they append their signatures on a document which would then be served to the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development – a Ministry [Minister] under whose docket all cultural institutions falls.

The key message in the letter according to the meeting should show that the Clan Chiefs have disowned Odongo Okune and that the Gender Ministry should be asked to pronounce itself over Odongo Okune.

Another strategy which was agreed upon is that the Prime Minster Dr. Richard Nam should strive to ensure that a team from Ker Tekwaro Lango meets President Museveni at State House to bring to his attention and reminds him of the torture inflicted on Mzee Yosam Ebii, Lango Chief who is being forced to pay 700m shillings to illegitimate cultural people.

We have also established that during the same meeting, Yosam told his ministers that he has made up his mind not to succumb to Okune’s pressure and that he’s never willing to relinquish his throne to any incompetent leader.

Odongo Okune who is offering sleepless nights to Odur Ebii as Tekwaro Lango leader, is also the Executive Director of now amalgamated Uganda Road Funds [URF].

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Jacob Ocen speaks out

On Tuesday, entire journalists who had turned up to cover the meeting were turned away by Jacob Ocen who claims he is the spokesperson, Ker Tekwaro Lango [KTL].

“We are not interested in having the media cover this meeting; we shall call you for a briefing when the meeting is done,” Ocen said, showing journalists their way out.

When contacted by TND News Uganda on Wednesday, again, Ocen said he was not at liberty to comment on the issues discussed.

But, he could not deny or accept the facts – arrived at the meeting.

“Some of the issues you claim were discussed in the meeting could be true but I am not going to respond now,” Ocen added.

Lango Cultural Foundation cultural power saga has been since 2012.

Eng. Micheal Odongo Okune taking oath early this year. File photo.


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