River Nile accident: Five dead, 8 discharged from Lacor hospital

Eight people who were getting medical treatment at St. Marys’ Hospital – Lacor in Gulu district after a motor vehicle they were aboard drowned in Rive Nile on Sunday morning have been discharged.

The Canta truck registration number UBA 094Z which was carrying unknown number of business people was from Pabo to Panimuru in Nebbi district. It was transporting scrap materials.

Eyewitnesses and Police say it lost control after it has failed to negotiate corner and thus the brake failed.

The West Nile Police spokesperson, Angucia Josephine in an interview with our reporter confirmed that the cause of the accident was ‘poor mechanical condition of the vehicle’.

“The police marine team has so far retrieved five dead bodies since the incident occurred yesterday. Four 4 was retrieved this morning [Monday] one was retrieved yesterday,” she added.

She says the dead bodies were transported to Pakwach hospital mortuary awaiting their relatives to identify them.

More bodies are said to be missing, according to West Nile region police spokesperson, Angucia.

She also confirmed discharge of eight people earlier admitted in hospital.

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