What you missed from Prof. Maros’ blood donation crusade

A Woman donates her blood with happiness as Maros looks at her.

Speaking to TND News Uganda news desk on Saturday, Moses Atine, northern Uganda’s brilliant artist, popularly known as Prof. Maros applauded his fans and entire Lango people for donating blood.

A total of 255 units of blood were collected during the Friday blood donation campaign, the highest units to have been collected in a single day in Lira town.

The event held at Mayors grounds in Lira town, was organized by Hot Soup Music Uganda; a music band Prof. Maros founded it.

According to the music star, the event was made possible with shs.1.6m personal contribution.

Besides blood donation, glasses for people with eye problem were given whilst free family planning services, provided by Marie Stopes Uganda, Lira branch.

“There was also free counseling and Information Technology training provided by AYINET UGANDA,” he added.

Why was the event organized?

“When i visited a patient at the Lira Regional Referral Hospital in July this year, i witnessed children die due to either inadequate blood or because their blood group wasn’t available at the time of need. I witnessed pregnant mothers who go through the theatre to give birth lose blood in the process and if there is no adequate blood available for them, these mothers can die, giving life,” Prof. Maros, known for many educative songs, narrated.

He added: “I asked the Blood Collection Centre manager, Mr Pius Okello what i personally could do to make blood available at the recommended health facilities in Lango and the entire region.

“His answer was positive and there was action on my side”. He said, “Mobilize your fans, ask them to donate and we shall be there to pick the blood.”

Mr Maros says he realized that if he wants to live in a better world, he must be willing to contribute in creating a better world. He added organizing the event was the sole reason.

Likeminded musicians in Lango and together, we have done a song called ‘DO SOMETHING’

“The world would be a better place if people cared to do something good for someone other than themselves,” Prof Maros who have series of educative songs reasons

On whom he invited a Guest of Honor; he said he didn’t look for any person to take up that role because to him, all those who donated their blood were his heroes, heroines and Guests of Honors.

On some people thinking he organized the event because of his political ambition, he opened up, saying: “People’s minds have been clouded with belief that whenever a person or group of persons starts doing charity, they are harboring political ambitions – this may be true but not in my case.”

“I do what i do because i don’t like pointing fingers at others if there is something i personally can contribute to changing it”.

On the event’s continuance, he said ‘Yes’, “there will be continuation!”

As government do their part in making policies, he urged his fans and everyone to also do their [our] part in things that are of social nature.

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Prof Maros [putting on a necklace] with his fans, some elders during the blood donation on Friday.
Prof Maros and MC Dogo
Maros [in green T’shirt] with his fans in Lira on Friday.
The singer lifts a box of mineral water at Mayors grounds on Friday. ALL PHOTOS BY HOT SOUP TEAM.

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