Kirumira murder: The tale of a squirrel and a hunter dog

Killed by unknown people, Kirumira Muhammad

The Author

By Odaka Asuman

A village farmer says he had cleared the entire bush surrounding his farmland and that he also kept a well trained hunter dog which kept guard around the farm.

This didn’t, however, prevent the squirrels from destroying the field. The more the dog barked the more destruction the farmer suffered.

One day the farmer just decided to relieve the hunter dog off the farm duties.

To his surprise, the destruction stopped with the absence of the hunter dog at least for the time the hunter dog was kept under lock and key.

Could the dog have conspired with the squirrel or was the squirrel intelligently blackmailing the dog? Could it be merely a coincidence of criminality on the rise?

I’m only a peasant farmer without any clue of security but only with inquisitive mind.

My question is what if ‘K’ doesn’t know a bit about these deaths, (I have no reason to suspect that he knows) would someone want to use him as an escapade?

And supposing Mr Museveni doesn’t know about these killings (Like I doubt he does) who is rudely reminding him? Why does the killer select people with a clear record of soft spot to Mr. Museveni but of less or no historical, social or economical entitlement with him?

Why are these killings around Kampala and not outside Buganda? What was the Kigundu murder about?

What about Felix Kaweesi’s? Was the murder in these two strategic, reaction or erroneous? Was Abiriga a powerful target or a dispensable experiment (gone bad)?

Kirumira! Dispensable, not related to any war, very vocal, publically powerful, and probably loved by the ordinary man.


  1. All killed had some favors with President Museveni.
  2. Have deeply not very tangible relationship with the regime – historically, financially, biologically, and regionally.
  3. Have inconsequential military location.
  4. Three are Baganda of Banyarwanda origin. Abiriga could have been an odd man out.
  5. Killed in Kampala suburbs – where news spreads first to social media before the mainstream media.
  6. Killed in Buganda
  7. All except Afande Kaweesi were Muslims which presents a different dimension


Is this killing style exclusive, or unique to what the NRA, FRONASA, IDF, any other group international or some new mafia phase we are entering into…?

Who are they arousing or warning?

I’m just thinking remotely as usual, as I come in terms with a world without Afande Kirumira.

The struggle (to make our country better), as it gets bloody, it increasingly targets to eliminates not just us – the speech politicians or the Muslims; it also warns regime princes and princesses, it’s molded to maintain control beyond our collective reach?

Coincidentally, Hon. Shiekh Ibrahim Abiriga was killed a day just before Mr. Museveni addressed the nation. The same was with Andrew Kaweesi and it’s the same with my dear brother Afande Muhammad Kirumira.

Please Muhammad, do not rests in peace before you get your killers.

I dedicate to you a song by the late Lucky Dube “This Crazy World”

The writer is a member of JEEMA and former MP and 2016 Tororo Municipality MP aspirant.

WhatsApp: +256753195384

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