“You’re stupid” – Police boss Ematu tells ex Lango premier Col. Otoa in fresh cultural quarrel

ACP John Peter Ematu [circled] has been moved out of North Kyoga Region as RPC. File photo.

North Kioga Regional Police commander John Peter Ematu has described as “stupid” talks emerging from some cultural leaders that police is interfering with the cultural activities of Tekwaro Lango.

Ematu was speaking on Monday evening in an interview with TND News Uganda following complaints from Colonel [rtd] Tony Otoa, a special advisor to Dr. Engineer Michael Moses Odongo Okune who claims he’s the Paramount Chief of Lango.

Otoa had told this news website that the police are always siding with the leadership of Yosam Odur Ebii who to them is no longer the Paramount Chief.

According to Otoa, a former prime minister in Yosam Odur’s cultural administration, police has always witch hunted them including blocking or disrupting their meetings.

But RPC Ematu, speaking on phone in a fury humor cautioned Otoa to stop dragging the police into their cultural squabbles.

The North Kyoga region police boss added that their duty is only to regulate meetings as per the Public Order Management Act [POMA].

“Tell him he is very stupid….a cake and should stop dragging my name in their confusion,” RPC Ematu asked this contemporary news website to tell Mr. Otoa.

“I have a duty [tasks] to play in manning the security in the region,” he added.

According to Ematu, as RPC of the region, he cannot sit and fold his arms watching the elders who are rivaling for the top cultural throne fight and kill themselves yet he has a duty to play in attaining Law and Order.

Ematu called on Otoa to realize that he (Ematu) is a trained officer.

“He is just a Retired Colonel; tell him that I am a Brigadier in the army. If he has nothing to do, let him go and sit at home. He is very stupid”, Ematu repeatedly bashed retired army officer, Otao.

Meanwhile Tonny Otoa has also attacked Dokolo South MP, Felix Okot Ogong of fronting what he describes as “useless mediation”. Otoa says Okot and his group should not waste their time in mediation because their government under Odongo Okune is legitimate.

Three months ago, Felix Okot Ogong, the chairperson Lango Parliamentary Group mobilized a number of MPs and set up a committee among them some legal brains to try to put a stop to the leadership wrangles that have culturally marred Lango sub-region. But so far no step has been taken.

The squabbles at Lango Cultural Institution [now divided into Tekwaro Lango and Ker Tekwaro Lango]  started in 2012 when the Lango cultural institution speaker, Mr Wakili Okello was sidelined during a tour of Europe and America by Won Nyaci Yosam Odur Ebii and his delegation.

People who were not in the hierarchy of the cultural institution were instead sponsored for the tour by the government.

Around that same year, Odur’s throne faced a maiden test when a new draft of Constitution of Lango was written, changing the name of the institution to Tekwaro Lango (Lango Cultural Institution).

On the night of February 9, 2017, Mr Okune was elected as Mr Odur’s replacement in a controversial exercise held at Palms Garden Hotel in Lira Town.

Eng. Dr Micheal Odongo Okune [circled] while meeting stakeholders in Dokolo last year. File photo.
Won Nyaci then [an incumbent till now], filed an application at the High Court in Lira seeking to annul the election of Eng. Dr. Odongo Okune as his successor Paramount Chief.

But the former Lira High Court Judge, Dr Winfred Namisinde dismissed the application with cost ‘allowing’ Odongo Okune to assume the Wonyaci seat.

This event however, brought chaos and panic prompting Lango Parliamentary Group to call for mediation talks to calm the situation.

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