NRM boss who had said M7 too old, must go home, now says ‘M7 Paka Paka’

Zena Opolot addressing journalists at Lira Municipal Council hall last year. File photo.

Lira – On Saturday 10 September 2017, the Lira National Resistance Movement [NRM] female party leaders had a meeting inside Lira Municipal Council Hall.

That meeting was exclusively called to discuss where and how millions of money released by National party secretariat in Kampala to mobilize party supporters and facilitate them ahead of presidential age limit removal was spent.

Prior to that meeting, there were allegations that NRM top bosses in Kampala had wired over shs.100m to wrong people to mobilize and facilitate party members and supporters after demonstration.

It was alleged that the above cash was wired to Milton Odongo – the Lira RDC in waiting [as per the recent RDC’s reorder by president Museveni].

The then meeting also accused Mr. Odongo and national party leadership of not following right procedures and ignoring Lira district NRM leadership when channeling cash.

They also said Sam Engola, the NRM Vice chairperson in-charge northern Uganda who also doubles as Lira district NRM party chairperson was not aware, neither consulted.

Linda Agness Auma, the NRM vice chairperson for Lira district – who was also appointed by President Museveni as the new Amuru RDC [pending new decision], and Zena Opolot, the NRM women league chairperson for Lira district co-chaired that hot meeting.

The two leaders, and other women party leaders from the four divisions in Lira Municipality and nine sub-counties in Lira district termed their national party boss, Mr Museveni as ‘too old, tired for the country and must go home’.

The leaders further accused President Museveni of ‘killing’ NRM party by giving much support to ‘opposition’ political party, UPC.

They vowed to vote out President Museveni if he ‘risk’ to contest in 2021 general elections for presidency. Other vow was voting him out as national party leader.

Mr Museveni was blamed nonstop for failing to bring harmony and cohesion in the ruling party, NRM.

“We are tired, we are tired. Mzee (M7) is tired and we need fundamental change inside our party. Not tired of the party but Mzee,” Opolot told journalists then, during a press conference.

Asked about anybody she suppose is good enough to succeed Mr Museveni, Opolot said, ‘there are many fresh (youths) who can manage the party well’. She, however, refused to disclose any names.

According to her, their party boss seems to be having no advisers to advise or guide him, adding that: “Whatever Museveni is doing is complete mess.” Opolot soon asked President Museveni to “go home”.

In that same meet last year, the party female leaders drawn from all divisions and sub counties in Lira district resolved to meet Museveni before they could unleash what they termed as ‘FDC alike defiance coup’.

Linda Agnes Auma said there are many things that president Museveni has done which are not good for the party.

“Let’s keep praying. NRM is our party but we shall defy come 2021,” Auma told the meeting.

Lira district NRM vice chairperson, Linda Agness Auma [standing] speaking at the last year’s meet. File photo.
Meeting turned slightly chaotic

The meeting became slightly chaotic after participants asked Linda Agnes Auma, the Lira district NRM vice chairperson to explain where monies sent for Lira streets demo on removal of presidential age limit went.

She [Auma] was outside addressing media when this question was raised.

Richard Omara Awio, the Lira district NRM secretary general told the meeting that millions of cash was wired to facilitate the demo.

“The organizers – Milton Odongo, [ex Lira RDC, also new RDC in waiting], Ocen Jacob, the publicity secretary, Auma Linda and others should explain why other party supporters from other districts of Lango were not ferried for the demo,” Omara asked.

“NRM never protested in Lango against age limit removal. If you recall, their banners had encryption ‘Lango not NRM’. It was in ones capacity,” Omara added.

According to Omara, whoever want them to leave NRM party will be voted out.

Auma said thus: “No NRM demonstrated but individual in their capacities. I don’t want to say money didn’t come for that demo.”

Neo Sam, the chairperson of all grassroots NRM chairpersons in Ojwina division, Lira Municipality joined women leaders in quest to remove President Museveni from office.

“As party leaders, our voices currently don’t reach Kampala because of some people Museveni uses in Lango as his ‘advisors’”.

We were told then that those who participated in that demo were paid between shs.5,000 to shs10,000 as lunch allowance

U-turn and ‘Paka paka’

With only five days to make a full year since Zena Opolot asked President Museveni to go home, the Lira NRM women league chairperson has got another message.

On Thursday, Zena Opolot using Facebook, wrote. “NRM PAKA PAKA.”

One of her fans asked [commented]: “You once said, “We are tired…..we are tired. Museveni must go….”

In her reply, she wrote: “That was but now m7 paka paka.”

Zena responds
The screenshot and comments.

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