Because of Speaker Kadaga, ‘MPs are like grasshoppers in dictator’s saucepan’

Muhammed Nsereko after visiting ailing Francis Zaake at Lubaga hospital last month.

The Kampala Central Division MP, Muhammad Nsereko has solely blamed Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga for the current mess in the country.

Nsereko – an independent MP, made the remark on Wednesday evening after President Museveni said he ‘can do away with Parliament’.

Now, Nsereko says Kadaga who championed everything in parliament, paving way for President Museveni, won’t be spared by the beneficiary.

In his Facebook statement, Wednesday, the MP wrote [partly edited].

Dear comrades,

“We can now clearly see that Uganda is under pure military dictatorship with white washed democracy.

“When leaders believe they are invincible, they start to make all sorts of statements. THAT’S WHAT THE NRM GAVE UGANDANS BY CHANGING AGE LIMIT.

“Today Rt. Hon Kadaga should realize the mess she caused to our country when she accepted to be used during TOGIKWATAKO.

“Parliament of Uganda lost all its respect when you let the President take over your seat as Speaker and decide what happens in parliament.

“You clearly humiliated all your allies and those that had trust in you even when the NRM had abandoned you. Parliament was raided, members of parliament beaten under your watch. Parliament has become a shadow of its own self.

“Hardly two weeks ago, President Museveni said that he can disband the electoral commission. What form of justice are we still looking for?

“You successfully participated in building this life Presidency and that’s how it behaves. So from today just know that we are all like Grasshoppers in the saucepan of the dictator.

“Not even yourself Rt. Hon Kadaga, the dictator will not spare your seat but they will be no one left to fight for you.

“Every Ugandan can make their contribution; a mere share of this message is good enough. Your biggest enemy is fear.”

As the political head of the institution of Parliament, the speaker also plays the following roles

  • Issues external high- level communication on behalf of Parliament
  • Links Parliament with the Executive
  • Oversees the functioning of the Parliamentary Service through the Clerk to Parliament
  • Chairs all the sittings of Parliament and ensures that the Rules of Procedure are observed.

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