Ugandans free to enjoy Nyege Nyege – government

Hot young Ugandan girls ready for Nyege Nyege starting tomorrow [Thursday].

Government has given a ‘green light’ on greatly publicized MTN Uganda Nyege Nyege gala.

This comes after consultations between government leaders and organizers on Tuesday and a final decision is expected today [Wednesday].

On Tuesday Ethics and Integrity Minister, Fr. Simon Lokodo, in his letter to Internal Affairs Minister, claimed that the upcoming festival may compromise the national integrity of our nation and put our citizens at risk of deviant sexual immorality.

In his letter, Fr. Lokodo also claimed that the nature of Nyege Nyege has attracted the attention of several stakeholders who have taken keen interest in it.

The Minister then advised Internal Affairs Minister, Gen. Jeje Odong to instruct Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola to stop the event.

“Let foreigners not come to Uganda for sex. If you are coming for sexual reasons especially homosexuality and LGBT, stay away. On that basis,” MTN Nyege Nyege is cancelled,” Lokodo said Tuesday.

Government spokesperson, Opondo Ofwondo tweeted on Tuesday, few hours after Ethics and Integrity Minister had proposed the festival be stopped over open sex and other dirty behaviors.

“Just spoken to Internal Affairs Minister, he states that the Nyege Nyege organizers should go ahead with preparations for their function. Further review meeting involving all stakeholders is scheduled for 10am tomorrow [Wednesday – today].”

MTN Uganda Nyege Nyege festival takes place from 6 – 9 August, 2018 at the Nile Resort Beach in the Eastern town of Jinja. The event is expected to attract about 4,000 people among them international artistes, comedian, and business tycoons, among others.

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