Uganda is capable of treating any illness – government

The government on Tuesday says they were capable of treating her ailing two Members of Parliament who ‘forced themselves’ out of the country for special medical treatment.

Addressing media at Media Centre in Kampala, Jane Ruth Aceng, Health Minister says the health condition of the two MPs were normal – as per the preliminary findings by government doctors.

She says there was nothing significant to allow both Francis Zaake and Bobi Wine to be flown abroad for better treatment.

“Doctors found them in normal health status,” Dr. Aceng added.

“The medical board didn’t release Zaake Francis and Bobi Wine with referral notes to go abroad. There was nothing significant,” she added.

The two opposition MPs were allowed to leave for India and United States of America respectively after medical examinations by government doctors, their Lawyer, Nicholas Opiyo says.

But according to Health Minister, they were ready to treat both MPs from their own country.

“We could have treated them from here but they didn’t want to be touched even by government doctors and we never forced that,” Minister Aceng.

Meanwhile, State Minister for Housing, Dr Chris Baryomunsi – at the same press conference said the two MPs are using fake illness to garner political support.

Like Health Minister Aceng, Baryomunsi says the two MPs were in fine form as per medical report presented to government.

He added that there was nothing so special to allow referral of the Mityana Municipality MP, Zaake Francis and Kyandondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine abroad for specialized medical treatment.

The ailing MPs will foot their own medical bills as they were not given any financial support by government.

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