Local vs national politics, the emerging truth and propaganda from Arua bedlam  

Presidential aspirants Yoweri Museveni and Robert Kyagulanyi aka MP Bobi Wine. Courtesy/File photo.

EDITORIAL Many have been saying that politics is a bad game and indeed it’s. Politically, ‘nothing painful has been seen compared to what happened last month during the Arua Municipality MP by-election’.

All we have been debating and seeing were kidnaps, murders and thefts in urban centers; a terrible development government acted swiftly and contained it.

Now, our [Uganda’s] attention has been drawn to the recent episode – the nastiest political game Ugandans were unprepared to witness. The arrest, the alleged torture and the detention of Ugandan MPs alongside harmless civilians – all now charged with treason and escape from safe custody were something none projected.

The politics in this recent episode is that the ruling party, NRM and opposition parties and notably – independent Lawmakers who were all in Arua wanted a candidate of their choice to emerge a victor. Independent opposition candidate with immense support won it.

Away from that, it was not good enough to torture any of the accused Ugandans suspected to have stoned one of the cars belonging to the President. Their arrest and detention were steps forward in trying to legally identify who among them remarkably championed the stoning of the Head of State’s car.

We have to agree together that, whether you are in NRM, FDC, DP, UPC, JEEMA or you are not aligned to any of the above mentioned political parties is that some of those arrested by security forces were tortured as records show.

It’s with anguish to read a post on Facebook by one of our own veteran journalist turned local politician, one Mike. This reference is not personal. It’s an action that must be condemned by all Ugandans.

He posted [old] pictures of ailing Kyandondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine who’s in the U.S. for medical treatment with words like…..”Hon Bobi Wine in the US in good shape.”

Whereas our own Mike is aware that the picture was taken last year, he didn’t know he was not making fun but playing low-priced domestic politics.

He went on to post another pictures, this time with Commander in Chief and the president of Uganda who’s in China and that of his nemesis, Bobi Wine.

He wrote: “One in China doing work for Ugandans and MP in America for……”

His two posts, attracted people’s attention with many bashing him for posting old pictures to portray it was taken yesterday or this month.

As citizens who love to see a better Uganda irrespective of who is at the helm of State House, we must also learn to distinguish between truth and propaganda and to identify between cheap and genuine politics.

This kind of politics doesn’t take Uganda far – it tears The Pearl of Africa – it causes her problem.

Like Mike, some country’s bigwigs said both Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake and Bobi Wine are faking pain. This is unacceptable statement. If we must recall, both MPs from ruling party and opposition parties visited the pair both from their detention and hospital and they all told the nation the amount of pain Zaake and Wine were in.

Too, a delegation from Uganda Human Rights Commission [UHRC] and Lawyers also did the same, including deputy speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanya.

Like in death, when family losses a member, during burial, a priest can say something laughable and mourners – including bereaved family will all laugh. This phenomenon, however, doesn’t go beyond.

Equally, we can laugh at the Arua 33 victims for faking pain but we should also remind ourselves to control our happiness.

For Uganda to get rid of emerging political propaganda and political intrigue, both the ruling party and opposition parties should be able to punish their members who post, share and or publish disloyal statement against one another.

Like the president said torture allegations on MPs was ‘fake news’, as Ugandans, those in leadership and those being led, let us avoid it.

Milke’s post.
Mike’s another post on Monday afternoon.

Note: Mike is not an employee of  TND News Uganda but a veteran journalist and a politician.

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