Reverend says DJs who play gospel music in bars will die ultimately

Rev. Canon John Otim 'curses' DJs who play gospel songs in bars. Photo by JASPHER OUNI.

“DJs who plays gospel music at beer parties will die badly eventually,” Rev. Canon John Otim prophesied 

The Anglican Cleric, Rev. Canon John Otim of St. Luke Church of Uganda in Adigo parish, Oyam district is too scared of the behavior of children of God.

Reverend Otim says today, children of God and even those who say they are saved or born again are feasting on pork quietly.

“I’m worried of the higher speed people now are eating pork rather than cow or goats’ meat. This speed is higher than that of cow meat, The Man of God testifies”.

He says these are being done at different parties and not with children left at home without food and sauce. He also said many children now lack parental love.

Turning his homily to the drunkards, he says waragi has wasted their time and they can’t leave it. “They dig for it and don’t pray on Sunday”.

“It is very bad to spend money meant for education on drinks [alcohol]. Those brown women who are so nice will kill you, loot you, etc as a result of taking waragi,” he added.

According to the Man of God, many drunkards have their cheeks puffed-up although some signs indicate presence of HIV/AIDs.

He however, says sometimes the deadly virus is absent in them [their blood] but cheek puffed-out by high waragi intake.

Reverend Canon John Otim was preaching at the memorial service of Isabela Vicky who recently died of unknown illness and was buried at their ancestral home in Akica village, Adigo parish Loro sub-county in Oyam district.

“Don’t forget to dress yourself with new life when Mr. “death” comes. Death should not get you naked but die in Christ,” he urged.

He says many women tolerate their husband yet many husbands are a big punishment to their wives.

Although many evade God now, the most important aspect is that everybody will die.

He later cursed DJs who plays gospel music at beer parties saying that they will die badly eventually.

“Get prepared as Christians to die with new life in Jesus Christ,” he asked Disc Jockey [DJs].

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