What a weekend! Two Fortebet clients win shs.210m, shs.280m each

Fortebet's Davis Sebdagire handing over shs210m to Willy Bizimungu.

The lives of two Fortebet clients over the weekend became millionaires instantly after winning lots of money, that both confessed, had never handled before.

Willy Bizimungu, a builder residing in Kajjansi won 210 million after staking only shs.10, 000 while another client, a resident of Kisenyi in Kampala won 280 million with a stake of as low as shs.1000.

Both winners were paid their money on Tuesday evening at Fortebet head office in Kololo and the two placed their tickets online (www.fortebet.ug).

Bizimungu selected a ticket with on 35 matches. His slip had home and away wins, overs, double chances and both teams to score. His ticket’s odds were multiplied into grand odd of 21,061.06 and cashing him a whole shs.210, 610,592.

The second winner selected 54 teams and he mostly went for overs of 0.5 (a match to have at least a goal) and 1.5 (a match to have at least two goals). He added on a few home and away wins. In total, this ticket generated a total odd of 282,738.69 paying him shs.282,738,816.

Fortebet’s Davis Sebdagire handing over shs.280m to the second winner.
Willy Bizimungu carrying his shs210 million that he won.

After receiving his money, Bizimungu said that he had experienced something he had never before and uncertain whether it will ever happen again. “I am going to first bank this money and plan of doing something that will make my life and everyone around me happy for the rest of our lives,” Bizimungu said, however noting that he is going to use part of the money to build two houses – his and one for his mother and buying a simple car to help him do his work.

Bizimungu praised Fortebet website (www.fortebet.ug), saying it is the fastest of all betting websites because it loads very fast. “This is why I decided to zero on Fortebet. Other websites take too long to load. For Fortebet however, only a click takes you straight and fast to what you want,” Bizimungu added.

The shs.280m winner told us that, “I am happy but not as happy as I was going to be. If two of the matches had not been postponed, I was going to win shs.487m. But all the same, I am uncontrollably joyful because my life will never ever be the same again. Fortebet has lifted my standard,” he said just after receiving his money.

He noted that he has been playing betting with Fortebet for the last five years and he was hopeful that one day he would win such big money. “Betting is not bad as some people take it to be. For me, instead of smoking or drinking, I use that money to bet. My advice is, “use only the extra money to bet, you won’t regret,” he further noted.


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