Opinion from America: Let’s stop joking! Uganda is polarized

Map of Uganda showing regions. Courtesy Map

By Mwaka Lutukumoi

The Author.

But let me weigh in on propaganda that Hon. Betty Nambooze is faking pain.

Like President Museveni said torture of Bobi Wine was “fake news”, even Francis Zaake, including killed Bobi Wine’s driver who was shot at seated on Bobi’s co-driver seat? Brutality is brutality.

When Hon Bobi Wine walks up and Hon Zaake too, soon their scars will go and some faceless fiends will say drama! Uganda, i see genocide after Museveni but God forbid.  Did you see Arua woman beaten and bleeding through her private part in Gulu?

When Museveni and his group came to power: they set free the West, and the Center against the North, which wasn’t liberated but where liberation meant removing bad leadership and people of the North.

In 1986, I saw my aunt beaten and raped by NRA soldiers, ‘she contracted Aids and died, uncles killed, others imprisoned to Luzira without trial. [Read Luzira 1986 to 90s].

From 1986 to 2007, Lord’s Resistance Army [LRA] rebels abducted maimed and killed thousands.  “It was their time they pretended to be suffering.” Gen Selwanga Gwanga said, “Let them die, am not Acholi to go and they kill me.”

Anyanya, Kony, etc dictions were used to polarize us; the war became NRM campaign tool, vote opposition, those people will come back. Obote, Cecilia Ogwal….Anyanya.

Yet ironically, it’s Acholi Gen who helped NRM win 1986 war; Museveni used Gen Tito Okello Lutwa, Gen Bazilio to kick out Obote who went to Nairobi for peace jokes as NRA kept betraying and fighting.

Took advantage, and the relatives of the Generals became collateral damage, betrayed liberation to north was tormentation and agony.

Uganda is so divided and polarized that we need God! Each time NRA or NRM celebrate liberation against North and East, call Uganda, the former is in pain!

I appreciate Musevni’s legacy and with economy at US$25bn GDP almost and some growth in spite of greed for money and high rate of corruption, I think like many Ugandans, it’s time impunity stops.

Ask why we in Acholi and Lango and others in north are not excited? We saw its ass, the bad anus like those of baboons in Karuma falls.

We vote opposition.  From 1986, we gave 90% to Semgerere. In FDC, we voted Besigye even if he’s a Westerner, we see, and love any change.

Let Mzee bring his son, we will appreciate that change. Uganda needs national reconciliation.

Listen. The pain individuals are seeing is not a quarter of what we saw – 1.8 million people forced to live in camps, hundreds dying daily, hopes reduced to relief food.

30.000 kids made sex slaves, abducted in the watch of NRA – UPDF, taken by LRA from NRA protected camps…paradox.

Thousands were massacred, heads boiled in pots, women raped, mouth, ears cut under the watch of NRA, Anyanya killing selves like grasshoppers in bottles? Like Lukwii, Achol-pii and Barlonyo in Lango, thousands killed, boiled, in protected camps, where were the liberators?

These explain our bitterness. Am glad the World speaks and riot for torture now, I wished they did for us during extinction wars.

The North is watching – they are excited because if they give 90 percent to opposition, they miss out on national cake, Buganda and rest of Uganda, not East gives NRM. We felt betrayed, that’s why we now give 56% to NRM, not because of money or love but betrayal.

If Buganda assures North and the rest of Uganda that change will come for the better, even they can vote Salim Saleh.

But in case of violent change, remember the trauma, they are already annoyed.

Let us unite, let NRM now engage opposition otherwise, violence will doom our future, time will prove us wrong with long hand of history waiting to condemn.

Let’s stop joking. Opposition after Arua brutality is now set for regime change. Let’s talk now, plan like Kenya, Uganda is enough for all. The West and rest of colonialists will again support blood – I see state brutality increasing and violence too.

For God and my country


Former DP National Spokesperson, served as Lira deputy RDC/RDC and Deputy RDC Kitgum.

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