Lango Paramount Chief Odur condemns rampant child marriages

Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii who's the LCF Paramount Chief handing over a document to President Museveni at Golf Course in Lira three years ago. Looking on [M] is Dr Richard Nam - ex-Premier. File photo.

The paramount chief of Lango, Yosam Odur Ebii has condemned what he called rampant defilement and child marriages happening in the country.

His highness Odur expressed his anger on Saturday at Ber-Akite cell, Loro town council in Oyam district while speaking as chief mourner during the sendoff of the late Silva Aguti Olwata, a former woman councilor who died at 72.

“We are about to launch our book written with by-law to fight child marriages. I urge you to castigate it so that children go to school,” Odur said.

He said the book will be mandatory and signed by girl’s parent, cultural leaders and government leaders in case of any marriage within the community. This he says will fight and reduce child marriages.

Odur said all married couples will also have to sign the book to show the maturity of their partners.

“Whether you want it or not you will sign and as long as you call yourself a Lango son or daughter it’s for you,” His Highness stated.

He further warned widows against shaming their children by going out to look for men who can only come to eat and grab what is at home for the orphan.

Mzee Odur urged youth to learn how to take care of elders as they draw closer to their demise age.

At the same burial event, the State Minister for defense P. Charles Okello Engola Macodwogo also the Oyam North MP warned locals on over drinking alcohol.

  “Several times I have witnessed when coming for weekend – I always tell my lead car to speed down to protect those who are drunk and moving on road,” Minister Okello said.

 “It’s my last warning to instruct my driver to slowdown. He will begin knocking those dead intentionally to reduce on over drinking in Oyam,” Macodwogo warned.

 Mr Okello urged clerics and cultural institution to intervene if not they will be doing nothing for the community and good people who can still be transformed will die.

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