Defence state minister vows to knock dead drunkards on roads

Defence State Minister Okello Engola Macodwogo, vowed to kill drunkards playing on roads.

Calling himself Minister for ‘death’, the Defence State Minister, Charles P. Okello Engola Macodwogo has vowed to knock to fatality people who get drunk and ‘play’ on the road.

Macodwogo, as he’s popularly known in northern Uganda for his role in fighting LRA rebels out of the region, says for long he has been having sympathy for people.

According to Minister Okello, his sympathy is now no more, announcing that soon, the drunkards will start dying one by one through road calamity.

“Several times I have witnessed when coming for weekend – I always tell the driver of my lead car to reduce the speed in order to protect those who are drunk and moving in the middle of the road,” Minister Okello said.

 “It’s my last warning to instruct my drivers to slowdown. They will begin knocking those drunkards dead intentionally to reduce on over drinking in Oyam,” Macodwogo added.

He added: “People don’t know – i’m Minister for death. Even if i kill, nobody will question me.”

 Mr Okello urged Church and cultural institution leaders to swiftly intervene over the matter.

Should this not take place, Okello says the cultural and religious leaders would be doing nothing for the community and that good people who can still be transformed will die.

The Defence state Minister said all these on Saturday at Ber-Akite cell, Loro Town Council, Oyam South in Oyam district.

He was the chief mourner at the sendoff of late Silva Aguti Olwata, a former woman councilor who died at 72.

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