Museveni: I can only save Bobi Wine after trial and convictions

President Museveni Yoweri has also been commended for his directives in containing virus spread. File photo

President Museveni has said he has no power to release people on remand, with specific interest on Bobi Wine [Robert Kyagulanyi], the Independent Kyandondo East MP.

Below, he wrote.

Countrymen, Countrywomen and Bazukulu.

Greetings again. Yesterday while talking about the Security forces and the Bobi Wine group, I made reference to financiers of rioters who hope to damage the economy of Uganda which is, finally, taking off by developing fast.

I referred to the fact that the Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Trade of Kenya told me recently, during the visit of the Kenyan Deputy President that, in recent months, Uganda has been exporting more to Kenya than Kenya has been exporting to Uganda. I asked him to send me the figures and they are here below:

                         Uganda                       Kenya 
Jan 2018:
         $186m                           $96m
Feb 2018:         $149m                           $121m
March 2018:    $115m                           $132m
April 2018:       $131m                           $92m
May 2018:        $228m                           $132m

Except for March, in all the other months, Uganda has been exporting more to Kenya than the other way round.

On the issue of releasing the people on remand, it is only the Courts or the DPP that can cause the freeing of these people. The President can only come after the trial and convictions.

Then, the President can exercise the prerogative of mercy. Before that the President is not empowered to do anything.

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni 

It’s worth reminding you that Bobi Wine was freed by the Military Court sitting at Gulu military barracks on Thursday after he was initially charged with illegal possession of firearms and ammunitions.

Bobi Wine steps down with aid from friends out of the Military Court on Thursday.

However, he was soon rearrested by Police and taken to Gulu Magistrates’ Court from where he was charged with treason, joining his colleague MPs and others on remand at Gulu government prison.

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There is a global call for his unconditional release from detention. International musicians, Lawyers, and fans have come out to protest his allege torture, both government and army have denied.

Appearing before army and civilian courts on Thursday, the Ghetto President was visibly in too much pain and sat all through the Court proceedings.

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