Pop-star, Bobi Wine, remanded to Gulu prison

Bobi Wine steps down with aid from friends out of the Military Court on Thursday.

Remanded to Gulu prison, Bobi Wine [in-front].

Gulu – The Grade One Magistrates’ Court  in Gulu has remanded Kyandondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine to Gulu government prison after treason charge was read to him.

The Pop-star had earlier appeared before Brig Angrew Guti’s General Court Martial sitting in Gulu in which all charges earlier fixed on him like – possession of firearm and ammunition were dropped.

In deep thoughts and pain – Bobi Wine while appearing before the Military Court

Army Court set him free; arguing that the singer turned Member of Parliament could only be tried by a civilian court.

His supporters were in huge numbers chanting People Power, People Power Our Power’

Brig Andrew Guti, the Chairman of the Court Martial read his ruling thus: “I have been instructed that the proceeding before this court under regulation 65 of UPDF procedure be terminated and the accused released immediately.”

“The accused person is free unless he has other charges elsewhere,” he added.

Immediately, Medard Ssegona, one of Bobi Wine’s Lawyers was told by Police CID bosses who were too, present at Military Court premises that his client, Bobi Wine would be rearrested.

“I have been told that you are under arrest by Police. We shall cooperate with them but will fight,” Ssegona told Bobi Wine who was surrounded by relatives and friends.

He was taken into a Police vehicle and whisked to Gulu Magistrates’ Court.

At Gulu Magistrates’ Court, the Magistrate Yunus Ndiwalana read out charges against him alongside others in detention whilst those at large of having had intention to cause harm to the person of the President in Arua Municipality last week.

The Magistrate, however added that it [Court] had no jurisdiction to continue with the case considering its capital nature whose sentence is death.

The accused did not say his plea before the court.

The accused Lawyer, Ssegona told Court that his client had been in bad health for a week and needed an urgent medical care and freedom.

Earlier, Ssegona warned army court against using its court to fight political wars for somebody.

The accused Lawyer also averred that all charges against his client were framed and lacked substantial proofs and thus he is entitled to bail.

However, State objected his submission reasoning that prison can treat the accused and incase they can’t, the prison can send him to a hospital of his choice.

“Having listened to the submission by the accused lawyer and state, and considering the deteriorating of the accused, Hon. Bobi Wine and others in similar condition can get their private doctors as and when they need them. The accused has been remanded to 30th of August,” Magistrate Yunus ruled.

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Reporting by Michael Ojok and Jackson Quest

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