Opinion: Bobi Wine arrest: Not wrong but red button

MPs Robert Kyagulanyi, Odonga Otto and Zaake Francis during campaigns in Bugiri.

By Asuman Odaka

He once said that “People Power is more power full than the people in power”. Not many could conceive this or think of a day he himself would demonstrate how it all works.

The Author.

For those who doubted him, asks the chairman of General Court Martial how he found it difficult to proceed, ask government spokespersons how difficult it was to speak government positions, ask ministers why they all told their boss its risky, ask the army how risky it had become to give command without fear of mutiny, ask police why many of their officers are in jail or katebe.

Ask Mr. Musevenbi how many ultimatum he got from his foreign masters, ask government how much they lost from tourist, how many people travelled to Uganda since this happened.

As Museveni why he issued 6 statements in one week all contradicting the other. 

Ask regime apologist in Parliament how difficult it has been to conduct business in the house.

Ask those who drive government cars where they have been leaving them.

Ask Asan Kasingye what happened to him at a burial in Mityana Municipality.

Ask in which country some of the members of the first family are.

If this is not burning the fingers of Mr Museveni, then what is it?

Mr. M7 had never got a real threat outside his NRM circles more determined, with clear massage, practical steps with huge constituency better appealing than #HEBobiWine presents.

He tried all tricks but people power is on a straight path to define the politics of Uganda.

Like i have stated, Mr. Museveni has the power to begin chaos against legitimate competitors but he may not have power to know how it ends.

The withdrawal of charges from Hon. Kyagulanyi was because there was a real threat to Mr. Museveni and I’m happy the youths of this country are now on a steady path to leadership.

We the youth of this country have cried against nepotism, tribalism, segregation, pervasive theft of public funds, intransigence of government, unemployment, bad health care system and more so – the path of self destruction that Mr. Museveni and his people have set our country to.

 What he is playing with is our future and the future of our children and on this we know what we want, we shall not compromise on it and not negotiate on it.

Many of us who are now standing up to this were either born during Mr. Musevni’s regime or shortly before he entered town, why then would he threaten our future. 

We resolved not to allow Mr. Museveni and his age mate determine our future. 
We shall not lend or relent on this.

The Author is a former Tororo Municipality MP Aspirant

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