My opinion: Why Bobi Wine will get his ‘freedom’ Thursday

Bobi Wine [in front] got huge global support after his arrest.

By Milton Emmy Akwam

The arrest and subsequent detention of Ghetto President – Bobi Wine has touched the minds of millions of people globally.

The Author.

His continued detention and trial in a military court too, has received mixed feelings from his supporters not only from Kamwokya in Kampala where he grew up from but countrywide and across the continent.

Majority of his fans have come out to face the army and police as they protest among many reasons, his no-public appearance for one week now.

The recent protests in major towns in Uganda and the Monday fierce protests in Kampala that left one dead and dozens of people arrested by joint security forces is sending a signal to government and international community that Bobi Wine and his colleagues should be freed as soon as possible. To me, this is coming to pass on Thursday.

While protests are expected to continue in Uganda, elsewhere and in countries like Canada, South Africa, Germany, and Kenya [scheduled for tomorrow] and United Kingdom [for Thursday] – peaceful protests were held and more expected in paying solidarity to the Ghetto leader.

Besides, European Union, United States and United Kingdom governments through their Embassies in Uganda have individually and jointly written to Kampala government, calling on them to protect human right, freedom of speech and release detained politicians so that they can get deserved medical care.

Lawyers, human right activists have also come out to condemn the continued detention of Bobi Wine and colleague MPs and civilians who are facing criminal charges.

On Monday, Inter-Religious Council of Uganda issued a statement condemning what government is doing to suppress freedom of speech, human right violation during electioneering period.

The clergy went on to urge the populace to desist from any act of hooliganism. 

Some of the Kenyan youth, besides planned demonstration on Wednesday to the Ugandan Embassy at Riverside road – Nairobi – protesting the arrest and mistreatment of Bobi Wine and commiserating with Ugandan people, in terms of regional trade, this is bad news to Uganda.

With President Museveni knowing that youth are the majority in Uganda and that they posses maximum powers politically, the Head of State and Fountain of Honor whilst Commander in Chief [CiC] of the armed forces will definitely pardon popular singer Bobi Wine and his detained colleagues.

President Museveni is also aware that by keeping Bobi Wine from his people for too long could risk his chances of winning 2021 general poll robustly.

In Museveni’s political path ahead of 2021, there is Bobi Wine – a young politician with millions of young people following him daily.

To me, President Museveni has little chance to persuade Bobi Wine and his millions of followers who are suffering with him now to join his National Resistance Movement party at whatever cost.

Bobi Wine will reappear before General Court Martial on 23, Thursday after he appeared a week ago in Gulu and criminal charges read to him under unconscious state, according to his Lawyers.

Finally, with protests far and wide, documentations to prove him right and wrong available in all forms and the emerging ‘pressure’ from the international community, in my own opinion, Thursday is the day Bobi Wine will get his transitory freedom.

What takes place next? We all don’t know!

The Author is a Ugandan Journalist. He’s a Founder and C.E.O of TND News Uganda and Great Lakes Centre for Strategic Media Studies [GLCSMS LLC].

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