Clergy unhappy with citizens’ hooliganism as free Bobi Wine protests trembles Uganda

Bobi Wine [m] and supporters during protest of 'this tax must go' in Kampala last month.

It was thought they would be the first to issue a statement on noticing the roasting political environment in Uganda, weeks before the Arua by-election, perhaps.

However, our spiritual leaders [Fathers] came at the ‘tail’ with joint statement on Monday when Ugandans had read many diplomatic statements and that of President Museveni on Sunday following what transpired over last week and the boiling political atmosphere following the MPs’ arrest by government security forces.

“The Inter-Religious Council of Uganda condemns the violence and hooliganism associated with electioneering in which lives are lost; people are barbarically arrested and tortured and property destroyed. Electioneering is a constitutional right and the legal procedure is well stipulated that governs the entire process. The elections are an attribute of democracy and it is important that people are granted their right to freely solicit voted for their candidates and decide on whom they want to lead them without intimidation or any other form of duress,” clergy’s recommendation reads in part.

On another strong counsel, the Men of God  asked government ensure that the Members of Parliament, their supporters and other person arrested during the Arua electioneering are treated with dignity in accordance with their right and they access justice through open courts of Law.

They asked state security agencies to desist from use of access force while controlling chaotic situation, especially during electioneering processes.

Government was also urged to respect the constitutional right of every player in the country in what they termed as “we are all Ugandans with full rights to exercise our rights in a peaceful and secure environment.”

Conversely, the clergy said they were annoyed at locals who stoned President Convoy in Arua.

“We, the religious leaders under the umbrella of the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda wish to condemn the reported attack on the Presidential convoy which, according to media report, was the cause of the fracas. This is because the President is the Foundation of Honor,” they condemned noted.

Adding: “We caution political leaders, campaign managers and the public to desist from act of hooliganism and use of provocative and inflammatory statements or language during electoral campaigns,” they condemned act of hooliganism.

This statement was issued by His Eminance Sheik Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, Grand Mufti of Uganda and Chairman Council of Presidents, for and on behalf of the IRCU Council of Presidents.

In June this year, President Museveni implored clergy to use their different Churches to fight crime in the country. This request came at a time Uganda was experiencing high rate of kidnap and murder of innocent women and children.

On Monday, Ugandans especially youth who support Kyandondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine took over Kampala and other main towns, protesting the continued detention of their ‘President’ at a military facility.

MPs Bobi Wine, Francis Zaake remain in critical health condition at Makindye Military barracks and Nsambya hospital respectively following their alleged brutal arrest and torture by Ugandan security forces in Arua Municipality last week.

For Bobi Wine, he’s accused by the army of possessing illegal fire arms and ammunition security say it was found in his Arua hotel room. This claim [charges] has been quashed by his Lawyers, many Ugandans, and international friends among others.

After the Monday fracas, Bobi Wine’s driver, Yasin Kawuma was gunned down inside Bobi Wine’s expensive vehicle – Tundra. Since then, more than five people have lost their lives across the country.

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